Monthly Round Ups

Eiffel Tower from Tuileries Garden

November 2019 Monthly Round Up

I feel like I’ve spent all of November wrapped up in the chaos of moving house, it’s certainly took over a big chunk of my time, but looking back there’s been plenty more happening. I’m not quite sure how we fit it all in, but we have and it’s ended up being a month that’s created some of the best memories. Here’s my November... read more[...]

October 2019 round up

October 2019 Monthly Round Up

I don't know about you but I really love the month of October. I still felt pretty summery in September with a late summer holiday, but there's been no ignoring the Autumn leaves, a very distinct chill in the air, and all the knitwear making it's way back into my wardrobe the last few weeks. read more[...]

September 2019 monthly round up

September 2019 Monthly Round Up

September has without a doubt been my most favourite month of 2019 so far, and as much as I love Christmas, I’m pretty sure even December won’t beat it. While everyone was celebrating the return of pumpkin spice in Starbucks on the 1st September, I was carefully packing my packing cubes for our trip to Italy. Big fan of packing cubes now by the way, I’m convert[...]

July 2019 round up

July 2019 Monthly Round Up

When I look back at some of the things I did at the beginning of July it feels like a lifetime ago. I had so much on I had to turn down a lot too, which always annoys me but sometimes you just can't do it all. My month finished with a much needed break that if you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you've seen. read more[...]

June 2019 monthly round up

June 2019 Monthly Round Up

I think June was the most fun month I’ve had of the year so far. I’ve been at home for all of it so no work travel has meant I’ve made the most of staying local, and filling my weekends with plans knowing I won’t be too knackered to do them. Here’s what I got up to... read more[...]