Tyneside Cinema Christmas

Tyneside Cinema Christmas Showcase

Insert joke here about how it's only August and way too early to be talking about Christmas. Now let's move on. I've had a definite increase in Christmas emails the last couple of weeks, with a lot of places opening up bookings for parties, restaurants and events. I've got friends with kids who are even struggling to get booked in for things that are already fully bo[...]

Valentine's Day Treats in Newcastle

Valentine’s Day Treats in Newcastle This Week

This Valentine's Day whether you're loved up with a partner, enjoying being single, hating the whole concept, or don't really have an opinion either way - every one of us can be a #luckygirl or #luckyboy with some of the Valentine's Day treats on offer in and around Newcastle. I've been chatting to some of the local cafes, bars and bakeries and have pulled together d[...]

Ultimate Guide to Newcastle in 2019

Ultimate Guide of Things to do in Newcastle in 2019

Happy New Year! Rather than letting the back to work blues creep in let's get straight into planning all the fun things we can get up to in our fabulous city and local area. A slightly different take on last years guide, this one isn't in order of months but more general activities of what you can see and do in Newcastle and the surrounding areas throughout the whole[...]

Enchanted Parks 2018 - The House of Lost & Found

Enchanted Parks 2018 – The House of Lost & Found

The Enchanted Parks after dark adventure returns this week to Saltwell Park, with a new theme and artwork installations on display to experience and navigate your way through. Prior to this year I’d never been before, it always seems to sell out so quickly, so when I was offered tickets by Newcastle Gateshead I of course accepted. The concept this year is the House[...]

Great North Run 2018

Supporting the Great North Run 2018

They say if you're from Newcastle you should run the Great North Run at least once in your lifetime, but I really can't see it happening for me anytime soon (or in the future). If you're like me and feel exhausted at the mere thought of just pulling trainers on, then you can still enjoy the day as a spectator. Over the years I've supported plenty of friends and family[...]