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10 of the best replies when I say I work in social media

10 of the Best Replies when I Say I work in Social Media

Working in social media is a full time job that simply didn't exist not long ago, and it's one that people either totally get and understand, or really very much don't. In a time when anyone and everyone thinks they can be an expert just by having a profile here and there, here's my ten favourite replies when I tell people what I do for a living. read more[...]


#ReclaimSocial – Looking at Social Media in a Positive Light

Being a full time Social Media Manager I don't think it would be a surprise to any that I'm a fan of social media. While there is often so much negativity shared and highlighted from people's (especially young people's) experience of it, I firmly believe that if used, consumed and delivered in the right way it can be a really positive and powerful tool for anyone who[...]

In Defence of the 9-5 office job

In Defence of the 9-5 Office Job

Every now and then I get a real bee in my bonnet about something and need to just go off on a bit of a tangent away from posts about Newcastle or travel. This one's been brewing for a while, and is basically just my opinion on why the typical 9-5 office job doesn't always need to be seen in such a bad light. I've worked in an office since I graduated, in different job[...]

How to write a successful blog pitch

How to Write a Successful Blog Pitch

The battle between bloggers, brands and PR companies is one I can't see going away any time soon. Some bloggers give the rest a bad rep, some PR's can be completely clueless (no I won't waste hours of my time, creativity and social media profiles to promote your client for £25 or 'exposure'!) , and some brands are clearly only working with bloggers because they think[...]

Edit Instagram photos

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

From being a kid with a disposable camera, to my first digital camera that was the size of a shoe box, to now with a mix of iPhone cameras and a digital SLR, I've always taken photos. I’ve been asked a lot recently about my Instagram photos and how I edit them. It was one of the comments I received when I asked people for blog feedback too and what you would like to[...]