Pincho Nation, Oslo

Pincho Nation Tapas Restaurant in Oslo

I’ve been in Oslo for work this week, and as I always do I ask some of the people I work with where to go for food. I was recommended a place called Pincho Nation, so last night I went along to try it. There’s two Pincho restaurants in Oslo, and they’re new concepts here, but there’s actually a number of others in locations across Norway, Denmark, Sweden and[...]

Highlights of Oslo in 24 Hours

See the Highlights of Oslo in 24 Hours

I've now been to Oslo twice, both visits right at the start of the year with temperatures as low as minus 7, thick snow on the ground, and minimal time to see all that much of it. On my visit last week, we arrived late and managed to see a bit of one neighbourhood on our walk to and from a restaurant, but we really made the most of our lunch break with a walk around[...]