The Harrisons!

Last weekend my entire family were over in Belfast for Jack and Rachael's wedding. Background info: I lived with Rachael for 4ish years, she married my cousin Jack. So 'The Harrisons' are now currently lapping it up on their honeymoon in Bali. JEALOUS MUCH!!!! It was an incredible wedding, at the most beautiful venue about 30-40 minutes outside of Belfast - The Carria[...]

The Crown Pub, Belfast

14 Facts on the Crown Pub, Belfast

I was in Belfast over the weekend for Jack and Rachael's incredible wedding. I can't get over how beautiful it was, and two days later I'm still feeling the effects of a very good time. Despite not really having much time to experience much of the Irish city I've heard so much about from years of living with Rachael, I did experience the Crown Liquor Saloon on Great[...]