Beverly Hills hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel – Top of the Hotel Bucket List

Iconic, chic, luxury, famous, all words used to describe the Beverly Hills Hotel. Even just pulling up to the red carpet entrance makes you feel like royalty. That's how it made us feel when we went along for lunch anyway. We were only there for a few hours, to enjoy some food and cocktails in Hollywood's most sought after hotspot, and it was enough to shoot it straig[...]

How to be a tourist at Santa Monica Pier

How to be a Tourist at the Santa Monica Pier!

There's so much emphasis these days on getting off the beaten track, and authentic travel, which I enjoy as much as the next person, but it is definitely fun to be a tourist sometimes too! We recognise places and want to visit them because they're iconic, because we see famous locations in films and on TV, and we see beautiful places on social media. It's those places[...]

The Ivy LA

Cocktails and Lunch at The Ivy Restaurant, LA

I think that lunch at The Ivy LA was the thing I was most excited about when we booked up to go to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. I wanted to see the sights obviously, but The Ivy is such a famous restaurant and it was the one thing we all agreed on just had to be done, no matter how expensive it was. I think we booked months in advance, because we were so worried[...]

Rodeo Drive

Itinerary: 3 Days in LA!

I went to LA in September 2015, with four lovely girls I've known since my uni days. The whole holiday was organised by Jess who is a bit like me - a serial planner. In fact she's way worse than me, but we were definitely in good hands when it came to making sure we saw everything! She planned everything perfectly. We had 3 days in LA, before moving on to Vegas for f[...]

Skybar, Mondrian LA

The Mondrian LA – Hotel Review

We spent three days at the fabulous Mondrian LA hotel as part of our trip to America in September 2015. We chose the hotel for a number of reasons, the location for one, the jaw dropping Instagram account for another, and a recommendation I'd seen by Kaitlynn Carter. The chain of hotels are located in incredible places, Miami, LA, London, each one themed to suit the[...]