Easter Weekend in the North East

Sharing a diary style update in the middle of the month isn’t something I’d usually do, preferring to keep general what I’ve been up to updates for my monthly round ups, but I think Easter weekend deserves one of its own. Four days off would usually have me scouring the internet for weekend breaks or good deals to head off somewhere, but with a weather forecast of dreams on the cards and a much needed break it was the perfect one to stay local. And howwww bloody lush was it?!

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

Friday was set aside to get shit done, so I didn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend. We were at the metro centre early, and I made a very good start on my summer wardrobe for Italy while it’s all new in stock.

A few things to note here, H&M have upped their prices on bikinis which was very annoying, but their bright coloured sandals are pretty good value, Primark is the place to be for bikinis instead, and turns out I fit junior size Nike trainers so saved myself £30 on a new pair for that reason. Happy days.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

Friday afternoon my family celebrated my little Nana Jessie’s 90th birthday at the care home with her. Breaks my heart seeing her like that, Alzheimer’s is an awful disease, but she still recognised everyone and seemed to enjoy herself – and her Prosecco!

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

I’ve heard very good things about Tomahawk Steakhouse on the quayside, and it hit the headlines recently for the Star Pubs and Bars awards where it claimed the title of best food. For once we opted not to have starters, preferring instead to save ourselves for our steaks, all of which come with two sides.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

We had a feast of fillet steaks with garlic butter, mac and cheese, beef dripping chips, hash browns and creamy mash. It was definitely the best steak I’ve had in Newcastle, nicer than any others I can think of, and it’s in a prime spot on the quayside for both the view and places to go on for drinks afterwards.

Would highly recommend a visit if you’ve not been yet. As you’d expect it wasn’t the cheapest (£100 for a bottle of wine, bread and olives, and 2 fillet steaks with sides included) but completely worth it.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

Saturday was the best day of the year we’ve had so far weather wise, and I always say it but you can’t beat a weekend in the Toon when it’s like that. I went up for some more shopping in the morning, a time I love for how quiet it is and how pretty it looks in the sun. The ‘Grey Street Gathering’ is back, outside Byron in front of Grey’s Monument, and even Stack looked pretty busy despite it being early.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

By the time I was back up in town late afternoon the place was in full bank holiday swing, people were half cut, bright red and spilling out of the bars and pubs onto the street. This seems like a pretty good time to share a post I put together last year on the best bars and pubs with outdoor terraces, as they were definitely all being used at the weekend.

I met Kieran for the match, and I think St James’ Park was the most drunk stadium I’ve ever seen. It was a great atmosphere as always, and the result only fuelled everyone on to what I’m sure was a crazy bank holiday Saturday out on the Toon.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

We came back though, saving ourselves for the Sunday, which involved a drive up to Amble, and a few family visits before we checked into the newly open Amble Inn, chosen for being dog friendly.

We met up with some friends and spent a couple of hours having drinks on the terrace, before heading off to a BBQ. A chilled afternoon in the sun, with great company and lots of drinks was literally my ideal bank holiday Sunday. Couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to battle the queues at the bar in Jesmond or town.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

The Amble Inn was a great option for us with the dog, their dog friendly rooms were lovely, and had a back door out to the terrace outside. It was a good spot to stay in to make the most of Amble and Warkworth on the Monday, where we went for a walk by the castle and river.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT
Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

We finished off the weekend with fish and chips from Marshall’s in Tynemouth when we got back. The coast was absolutely heaving and we really shouldn’t take for granted living in such a beautiful spot along the North East coastline.

Easter weekend in the North EastPIN IT

Hope you had a great Easter weekend whatever you did!

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  • Chloe - New Girl in Toon
    29th April 2019

    It really was the perfect long weekend, I think we’ll all be talking about it for years and years to come! Everyone was so happy it seems like everyone really made the most of the extra days – can we do it all again?

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    2nd May 2019

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