Locking in the Love Around the World!

Jumping on the Valentines bandwagon here with the sweeping trend of love locks! I think they’re so cute, but obviously the concerns around how they affect famous architecture, and the risks they pose due to the sheer weight of them are very real. I obviously hope that the locks that are still there in many of these places are managed to avoid any damage, but despite that, and taking this with a pinch of Valentine’s lighthearted cheesiness at the thought of lovely little couples scribbling their initials onto a padlock, and throwing the key in the river as a sign of everlasting love and happiness, here’s some of the love lock bridges to be found around the world.

Note: This post was originally shared in February 2017, and has since been updated. Permission was gained at the time for all photos shared from Instagram.

Newcastle, UK

Love locks aren’t just for the famous romantic capital cities. The High Level bridge in Newcastle is one of the oldest bridges across the Tyne and is used for railways, bus and taxi services, as well as pedestrian walkways either side. It also become a home for love locks too, beautifully captured here by local photographer David Hall.

2. Paris, France

This is probably the most obvious, Paris. There were actually two in Paris, the Pont des Arts, and Pont de l’Archeveche, and certainly when I visit Paris in 2014 the bridges were absolutely dripping with padlocks that must have built up over such a long period of time. The vendors by the rivers sold the padlocks, and they hung in all shapes, colours and sizes over the Seine against a beautiful backdrop of Notre Dame and the Louvre.

However not long ago the weight of the locks was causing enough worry for the authorities that they were removed, and replaced with padlock proof plastic sheets against the railings to prevent it from happening again. I can understand why, but they were so pretty.

3. Rome, Italy

The Ponte Milvio over the Tiber river in Rome was once also a hotspot for young couples sealing the deal with a padlock! Many locks have again been removed by authorities, but some do still remain.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Dating back to the fourteenth century the beautiful historical bridge in Prague is the backdrop for these love locks on the railings nearby. The bridge crosses the Vltava River and attracts millions of tourists every year.

5. Venice, Italy

Lovers flock to Venice don’t they, for that couples romantic gondola ride the Beckhams made even more famous in the 1990’s! Well they can also grab themselves a love lock and add it to the footbridge crossing the Piazza Grand Canal too!

6. Salzburg, Austria

When I hear the name ‘Salzburg’ I just automatically think of the Sound of Music, and lets face it there’s a romance right there if ever their was one. I bet if they could have Captain Von Trapp and Fraulein Maria would have locked their love in with a padlock crossing Salzburgs love lock bridge!

7. Cologne, Germany

The Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne is absolutely filled with padlocks down the main pedestrian walkway. When walking along you can actually feel that the bridge is leaning slightly to the side because of them, so Im not sure how long they will be there.

They made a lovely sight though and it was quite nice reading some of the messages left by couples from all over the world when walking along it. The bridge also offers a great view of Dom Koln, and the rest of the river and Cologne skyline too. The only thing I’ll say though is literally nobody/nowhere sold padlocks, so take your own!

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8. Seoul, South Korea

Take a cable car up to the Namasan Seoul Tower in South Korea. It has become a very popular spot for love locks mainly because they are actively encouraged. Couples visit the tower where authorities  there have constructed iron ‘lock trees’, and there is no threat of removal for all the padlocks filling the railings.

9. New York City, USA

Of course one of the most famous bridges in the world, home to countless proposals, anniversary celebrations and memorable holidays has it’s own love locks. The Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, complete with view of the Manhattan skyline.

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10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has a couple of bridges with the love locks attached, the one below being the bridge that crosses the Groenburgwal canal with the Zuiderkerk in the background. A very traditional view of Amsterdam! There’s also locks on the Skinny Bridge which crosses the Amstel canal.

Thanks to Jonathan Habens for the photo.

11. Vondelpark, Netherlands

It’s not just the main canals of Amsterdam that hold the love of the city, you can also find them in Vondelpark, the famous grand park known for its open air theatre and bandstand in summer.

12. Krakow, Poland

The sunsets in Krakow attract people to the Kladka Bernatka bridge to clip on their padlocks. It is also known as Little Father Bernard’s footbridge near Kazimierz.

13. Frankfurt, Germany

The view of the skyline of Frankfurt from the Eiserner Steg bridge is probably the reason the lovers visiting Frankfurt chose it as there place to leave their locks.

14. Ottowa, Canada

The love locks weathering the snowy conditions in Canada can be found in Ottawa, over the Rideau Canal. It is a pedestrian footbridge near to the university, and thousands of locks have been added to date.

15. Milan, Italy

The canal in Navigli, a district in Milan is crossed by a little bridge adorned with love locks. Once you’ve attached yours the area has many restaurants and bars that line the canals, perfect for a beverage to celebrate!

16.  Bakewell, UK

Last but not least and located on the River Wye in Derbyshire, this little love lock bridge can be found in Bakewell. Attach your lock and then find the nearest bakery selling the infamous Bakewell tart and enjoy! (I bloody love a bakewell!)

If you have a photo of another place please let me know and I’ll add it in! Huge thanks to all the Instagrammers who gave me permission to use their photos for the places I haven’t been.

I think the love lock idea is lovely, and the two padlock bridges I’ve seen in person have been very impressive and you get all the feels from them. I’ve seen varying stories about where the trend originated, some dating back decades and others more recent from books and films.

It’s a cute thing to do, and for anyone who sticks by the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries (you know paper for 1st year, silver for 25th etc…) I’ve been told that the 11th anniversary gift is steel. So clearly a steel padlock is the ultimate way to get around this very unflattering gift of a lump of metal to turn it into something very romantic!

Happy Valentines everyone!

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  • Pete
    12th February 2017

    I was wondering if you’d get to the Eiserner Steg. One of my favourite bridges.

  • Hendrik
    13th February 2017

    Hmmm, I should consider to do into “Lock business” haha
    Crazy, so many of them worldwide… I saw by myself also some of them, Notre Dame for example. I also heard the same, that on some places they are even a risk for bridges due to this heavy weight. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about them since you find them nowadays everywhere, but yes if it helps to keep the everlasting happiness in the relationship, they have a very good purpose 🙂

  • Wendy Maes
    13th February 2017

    I had no idea there were so many! I only knew the ones in Paris and Venice. Great idea writing about these places instead of the cheesy Valentines posts.

  • Charlotte
    13th February 2017

    This is perfect timing with Valentine’s Day! I didn’t realise there were so many love lock bridges!!

  • Amanda
    13th February 2017

    I can’t believe I didn’t know there is one in Newcastle! It’s such a cute idea ❤

  • Gaurav
    14th February 2017

    Have been to Namsan tower, Seoul.
    Heard a kid saying to his mom – you have filled all the place where will I put my lock when I will grow up…

  • Mike Clegg - www.travelanddestinations.com
    14th February 2017

    Very cute and original post! Great job finding these and sourcing the pics too.

  • Cliodhna Ryan
    16th February 2017

    I second your suggestion of bringing a lock to Cologne. When I was there people resorted to putting bike locks on the bridge. Definitely can’t see them staying there much longer! Lovely round up, I didn’t realise there were so many!

  • Ariane
    18th February 2017

    I think those padlock bridges are sweet, a shame they tore the one down in Paris… Original idea to do a post on love lock bridges 😉

  • Nina
    19th February 2017

    I love how you’ve included lesser-known places in your list. I will have to bookmark this list as I will likely travel to many of these places! Also, in Jaen, Spain by the Santa Catalina castle that sits on the hill, people also have a space to put love locks. Lesser, lesser known for sure.

  • Winnie
    19th February 2017

    I’m such a sucker for love and I just LOVE this idea! I understand the negative implications of this activity, but it’s super romantic 🙂

  • Only By Land
    19th February 2017

    So the weight of all the locks is making bridges weaker, one day a bridge will fall down. My favourite bridge from your photos is the High Level Bridge, you captured the bridge and locks excellently.

  • Kelly Keegan
    25th January 2019

    I love these, I see them as such a testament for our capacity for hope and love. I loved the bridge in Cologne, all tourist shops have the locks in them.

    My concern is the water! The fish! All those keys chucked in. Not cool!

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