Our Whitley Bay Food & Drink Week

Driving through Whitley Bay last night we commented just how much has changed in our little coastal town. Bank Holidays in particular are very different to what they once were along South Parade. The place definitely went through a phase where really, it wasn’t much to write home about, and being home for me it was a real shame. Over the past couple of years though, a few more restaurants and cafes have popped up, micro breweries now feature on streets I’ve walked all my life, replacing some of the run down old shops nobody went in, and the real quality places that have stood the test of time are still there too – I’m looking at you Nicholsons Butchers! From Monday, Whitley Bay even has it’s very own food and drink week.

I’ve got to admit when I was looking through the list there are names here that are completely new to me, so I suppose it’s a chance to rediscover what’s right here. I’ve drafted in the help of some other bloggers who have been to the places I haven’t, so give some of their reviews a read for more detail. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to our little seaside town here’s what’s on offer this coming week.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Nicholsons Butchers

As I’ve already mentioned them I’ll start with the best family run local butchers you will ever have the pleasure of purchasing your BBQ meat from. You have no idea how many family meals, Sunday dinners, BBQs and even pub crawls with snacks have been centred around the meat from this old favourite by my family and friends.

If my Uncle Kev announced he was making a Nicholson’s beef joint for Sunday dinner, our relatives from all over the North East would cancel all plans to be there for it. And it’s the same if anyone said they’d been along for their mint lamb or spicy beef kebabs to barbecue.

Located on Park View, they’ve been there forever, over 100 years in business ran by four generations of the Nicholson family. Their offer for Whitley Bay food and drink week is a family BBQ meal deal, including 4 beef burgers, 8 sausages, 4 kebabs, 2 sides and a desert for £17.99. Guaranteed to be the best BBQ you host this summer.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

Photo provided by Nicholsons Butcher


Ahar Indian Restaurant

My favourite thing about this place is their tapas menu on a Thursday and Sunday, where for £12.95 you get smaller portions of starters, 2 curries, rice, a side and a naan bread. Indian food can be so filling it’s a really good deal and the food is incredible. They’re such nice people too.

You can read my more in depth review of the Ahar here, but for Whitley Bay food and drink week their offer is 2 for 1 on poppadoms when ordered with every meal. Just make sure you book because they fill up fast.


Ahar Indian tapasPIN IT


Red House

My local and where I always see someone I know from school. The Red House is a warm and friendly pub with great food and an even better gin hour every day from 6-7pm. As well as the bar area there’s a bookable restaurant bit, and an outside terrace for gins in the sun.

My dad loves their tapas style dishes, especially the meatballs and the prawns, my mum really likes the pizzas, but their Sunday dinner tops them all. Perfect roasties, lots of meat, a big side of cauliflower cheese and lashings of gravy it’s spot on.

Their Whitley Bay food and drink week offer is from 30th May – 2nd June and is two lunch courses for £8 and two evening courses for £10. I’ll be visiting.


August round upPIN IT


Fish and Chips

Being a seaside town there obviously has to be some fish and chips thrown in. Pantrini’s and the Whitley Whaler both on Marine Avenue are taking part with offers available throughout the week. As is Laura’s Fish & Chips

Pantrini’s – fish, chips and peas, tea, bread and butter, and ice cream all for £9. I’m assuming this is if you’re sitting in.

Whitley Whaler – Sausage, chips, gravy and a drink for £5, as well as their usual offer of £5 fish and chip Friday

Laura’s fish and chips – cod or cod bites and chips, side of peas, curry or gravy for £6


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Elder & Wolf

I can’t believe I’ve not actually been here yet, but I’ve heard very good things about their pizzas from friends and family who have. A restaurant that specialises in wood fired food including pizza, kebabs and tacos, I really need to get myself along.

The lovely Chloe from New Girl in Toon has been though, and her review of Elder & Wolf sounds like I’m really missing out. Her photos alone look mouthwatering. I need those halloumi fries in my life.

The Elder & Wolf offer on Thursday 31st May is taco and tequila Thursday, for £12.95 per person.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

Photo provided by Chloe, New Girl in Toon


Evan’s Bistro

Another one I’ve not been to but heard great things about, from couples and families alike. The menus I’ve read sound really delicious, and their Whitley Bay Food and Drink menu is no different. It includes steak, fish and pork fillets, and a vegan platter, so they’re catering for all needs.

I really wish I could tell you more about this place because when I’ve been looking through their menus and weekly offers, as well as their Facebook page they seem like a really great local place. The food looks like the standard of some of the best restaurants in Newcastle. See for yourself on their Facebook page, but also take a look at North East Family Fun blog post.

Their offer for Whitley Bay Food and Drink week is three courses for £12 which is excellent, running from Tuesday – Saturday.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

Photo provided by Evans Bistro



At Hinnies they pride themselves on serving geordie comfort food, and whenever I drive past it’s always really busy. Located right on the sea front, where lets face it in Whitley Bay it’s not often all that warm it seems like the perfect spot to enjoy some cosy comfort food.

Another place where the food looks really good quality, and with the same owners as Blackfriars you can expect nothing less. Feeding Boys wrote this great review, so have a read for more details.

Their Whitley Bay Food and Drink offer is free coffee with Saturday and Sunday brunch, 3 course lunch and fizz for £16 and 3 course evening meal and fizz for £20. I love how they’ve added the fizz too!


Pulp Fiction

Found on Park View, Pulp Fiction is Whitley Bay’s healthy clean eating cafe. They serve fruit juices, smoothies, salads, soups and brunches. I wish they opened slightly earlier as I would absolutely pick up a smoothie on my way to work.

Their offer is a slow pressed juice, a superfood salad and a sweet treat, all dairy, gluten and sugar free for £10.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Olives at the Station

On Station Road in Whitley Bay, Olives at the Station has everything! They’re open every day except Sunday for snacks, scones, lunch, hot meals, coffee, beers and wine.

Another food and drink week menu with a lot of choice, choose from three starters, five mains and three deserts, including meat and vegetarian options at Olives at the Station. Get 2 courses and a drink for £10.99 during food and drink week.

They also have a breakfast offer until 11:45 of eggs benedict with tea, coffee or orange juice at £10 for two people.


Black Horse, Monkseaton

This very lovely pub is actually in Monkseation, but is a good one for families. There’s 15% off all mains, and kids eat free up to age 6. They’re adding an extra offer on Friday night, 15% off fish and chips in honour of National Fish and Chip day.


Left Luggage Rooms

Found right by Monkseaton metro station, Left Luggage Rooms are craft beer specialists serving a big range of beers and wines.

My friend James enjoys a visit here, and it’s dog friendly too. Thanks to his wife Lucy for the photo, here he is living his best life.

I didn’t realise they also do food, but their offer is geordie tapas for £2.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

PIN IT Photo by Lucy Butler



Room 305

Right in the heart of Whitley Bay town centre, Room 305 ice cream shakes look a seriously good treat. For this week they’re buy one get one half price.



I have so many good memories of this Indian restaurant after many a night out in Whitley Bay. The food was always excellent and the owner is such a lovely guy. He would always find us a table at any hour of the night. If you’ve been to Gulshan in Tynemouth you’ll enjoy this as they’re the same people, both lovely restaurants.

The Takdir offer for the week is that kids eat free.


GulshanPIN IT


Storm Cellar

After a stint with a pop up, Black Storm Brewery decided to stay in the Bay with this flagship pub, Storm Cellar. Throughout food and drink week enjoy any three pints for £9.


Lynians Cafe

Now serving Sunday dinners, Lynians Cafe serve Great British meals such as giant Yorkshire puddings filled with sausage and potatoes, corned beef pie, beef with onion gravy sandwiches and sausage and mash.

Head along to their cafe on Station Road and enjoy some of their selections for £3.95.



A few of my friends have been along to Loca, the Cuban and Latin American restaurant on South Parade. They serve a mix of larger authentic dishes, sharer options, and smaller tapas plates. Laura from Elle Blonde went along to the opening last year and here’s her review of the experience. Since then it sounds like they’ve gone from strength to strength as well.

Whitley Bay food and drink week offer – 2 tapas and a drink for £10


Whitley Bay food and drink week

Photo by Laura Dawson, Elle Blonde



At the far end of Whitley Road the Shahenshah is another good Indian Restaurant option, but is one I haven’t been to for years. This offer is definitely tempting if it’s one of your favourite places, a 5 course special including poppadoms, starter, any traditional curry, a side and coffee or ice cream for £13.95 each.


Whitley lodge Snooker Club

No frills, what you see is what you get at the snooker club on Whitley Lodge, and this week you can get a burger and a pint £4.50.


Bake me a Cake

One I love to follow on Facebook to see what they’re baking, making and icing this week. They make custom made cakes and cupcakes for any occasion, including bouquets of cupcakes.

Their offer is buy one cupcake get another half price.


Crab and Waltzer

In a great spot right on the sea front, Crab and Waltzer are the latest to occupy this location that has been a number of restaurants over the year. I’ve not been myself, but heard mixed reports. If you’ve been how did you find it?

Their offer is 2 for 1 on all hot dogs. Personally I’d follow up with a Di Meo’s ice cream from across the road because they are the absolute dream.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Tree House

On Claremont Crescent the Whitley Bay Treehouse is a family friendly cafe with a soft play kids area. Their food and drink offer is coffee and cake for £2.95.


Fares Fayre

A sit in or takeaway coffee shop at Monkseaton metro station, you can enjoy 50% off any slice of cake bought with a hot drink.


Coffee Central Lounge

For a quick bite head to the Coffee Central Lounge, where you can enjoy a panini, side salad, crisps and coffee for two people for £10.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Papa Ganoush

This new middle eastern mezzo bar is getting really good write ups, and it’s a nice story that it originally started as a street food stand by father and son duo. Their aim is for informal casual food to be shared with the table in a relaxed atmosphere. I really want to try here soon.

The offer is a good one, 3 x £5.95 dishes for £15, 4 x £4.95 dishes for £15 and free bottle of wine if you spend over £40 on food.


Jam Jar Cinema

Joining in with food and drink week the Jam Jar Cinema have put some special offers on their drinks this week, house spirits and mixer £3, glass prosecco £4, double plymouth gin and fever tree tonic £4, bottle prosecco £14. The pictures and prosecco sounds pretty good to me!


Whitley Bay food and drink week

PIN IT Photo provided by Jam Jar Cinema




According to Yasmina of the July Journal, Turknaz is seriously underrated in Whitley Bay, and it’s menu and style make it unique. Be adventurous with your menu selections, and you can absolutely afford to be with their offer. 2 courses for £9.99 and 3 courses for £11.99.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

PIN IT Photo by July Journal



Other places I don’t know too much about but they all have offers on this week:


A bistro style place along Park View, this week you can get any pizza or pasta and tea or coffee for just £7.95.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Tanner Smiths

This bar on South Parade are also adding some offers onto their drinks, get 2 for 1 on Poetic License Gin.


Dog and Rabbit Micro Brewery

Buy any pint and get a locally baked pork pie for £1.


Whitley Bay food and drink week

Photo kindly provided by Christopher Pearson InstagramPIN IT



Edens Cafe

Afternoon tea with a glass of prosecco for £13.45 or a slice of homemade cake and a tea or coffee for £5.35.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Rock n Rolls

Meal deal of a sandwich, bottle of water and crisps for £3.50


It’s definitely true that when you’ve lived somewhere for the vast majority of your life, you miss what is actually there on your doorstep, especially when there are such good connections up to the city centre. I’ll be trying some of these places very soon, no time like the present with the offers available this week, will you?

Just to note some of the offers aren’t available for the full week, some are date specific so please double check if you’re thinking of going to any. You can find full information on the official Facebook page.












  • Chloe - New Girl in Toon
    27th May 2018

    I love how Whitley Bay has become such a food destination, most of my list of places I want to go are now made up of restaurants, bars and cafes in Whitley Bay .. every time I tick one off I add another!

  • alison stroud
    29th May 2018

    This is a lovely review but I can’t believe you’ve forgotten Cafe 19. It’s amazing and such good value too.

    • sfox
      alison stroud
      29th May 2018

      Thanks for your comment Alison, I’ve heard good things about cafe 19 but couldn’t see an offer for them for the food and drink week! Will happily add them if they’re taking part?

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