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Stephanie Fox: Newcastle and Travel

About me

I’m Steph, a full time social media manager and part time lifestyle and travel blogger from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I have a passion for traveling to new places, revisiting old ones, eating out, beautiful hotels, taking photos and football.

I love the North East, so you can expect blogs about what’s on, where to eat good food, where to drink better coffee and cocktails, tips for visiting, and my general day to day life in this fabulous city.

About this blog

They say people start blogs either because they love to write or they love to take photos, and I sit firmly in the love to take photos camp. The writing part came later, and I’ve been blogging here for over three years now.

What started as essentially an online photo gallery has transformed into my place on the internet to share my experiences of travel, restaurants, lifestyle and everything in between.

I write for people like me who want to make the most of their free time, weekends and annual leave. People who travel to get away from the monotonous daily grind, who want authentic experiences, and to make the most of every trip they go on.

People who can’t be arsed to cook every night so prefer to eat out. People who get bored by doing nothing.

I’m not the stereotypical ‘traveller’ with a backpack, staying in hostels, and going to 50 places in 5 days. No thanks. I prefer a planned out trip, a nice hotel, researching the best restaurants and bars, and actually experiencing a place properly.

I’d love to say I try to travel for as cheap as possible, but I’m a lot more likely to choose convenience over cost, throw a bit of luxury into every trip, and try to get as much authenticity out of it as possible – as well as the usual tourist stuff!


I’m lucky that I sometimes get invited to try restaurants, hotels or experiences for the purpose of a blog review. Where this is the case I will always disclose on the post that it was complimentary, but all opinions will always be my own.

If I am paid a fee to write a post, or a fee for a collaboration with a brand I will disclose the post as ‘sponsored’. All opinions will always be my own, and I am very selective over these types of collaborations.

Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product, book a hotel or book an experience via that link then I will receive a small commission from the sale, at no extra cost to yourself.

I am sometimes paid to post on Instagram, these posts will always be marked with #ad and will be content I have created myself, as part of campaigns that I have chosen to be part of. I only feature brands that I use or recommend personally. You won’t see any teeth whiteners – I get the Crest ones off eBay for £1!

I do not accept all of the opportunities offered to me, simply because if I wouldn’t do them myself anyway, then I wouldn’t recommend you to either.

I hope all that is ok with you!

Further Info

If you’re interested in working with me, or would like more general information, including my media kit please get in touch here!

You can view my privacy policy here.


In addition to running this blog I work as a Social Media Manager for an international travel company, responsible for their global social media presence, campaign and content creation and blogs.

I have over 5 years experience in social media planning, strategy, execution and creative campaigns, delivering digital content across multiple platforms, website and blog creation, and photograph editing.