A Boutique Spa Day At Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

As far as birthdays go last week mine was pretty good. I spent it at Beau Monde spa in Lucker, Northumberland after they invited me up to experience what they have to offer as a spa and salon, and the best date happened to land on my birthday. It seemed pretty fitting, as spa days are of course a treat and perfect for an occasion. Truthfully I had no idea what to expect, as I hadn’t previously heard of them, but this hidden gem in the North East is one I got acquainted with quickly and you should too! 

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary spa day experience for 2 in exchange for an honest review.

From Newcastle it took us just under an hour to drive up, and for a full day spa which lasts from 9-5 we made sure we left early to be there on time. Heading that direction north into Northumberland we didn’t hit much traffic and it was a lovely drive up through the countryside.

It’s easy to find and there is plenty of onsite free parking. From the outside the salon and spa building looks like a bit like a converted barn, and it’s set in the beautiful surroundings of Lucker with stone cottages and pristine green gardens. 

A few others were arriving as we were, people who we soon realised were visiting for the hair salon. We followed them in the main entrance and were met at reception by the staff who offered us tea or coffee and asked us to fill in the usual form, asking of any conditions, medication and general well-being questions. 

The salon itself is lovely and plush, with big comfy chairs and it felt a lot more intimate and personal than some hairdressers. There’s also a nail section too for manicures and pedicures.  Neither were on our agenda for the day so we were taken through the doors and shown around the spa area where we would be spending all our time.

At this point I’ll just quickly mention that obviously there is hand sanitiser everywhere, and masks must be worn at all times with the exception of in the wet pool areas, or within the treatment and lunch rooms. It was all very safe, clean, and easy to maintain distance. 

Beau Monde salon
Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

Upstairs we were shown where the gym is, not for us but it’s there if you wanted to exercise,  the relaxation lounge where we were told to make our way to ten minutes before our treatment time, and the final room upstairs was the viewing room, which looked out over the pool area but was set up with two tables and a big sofa area. 

I realised at this point how exclusive Beau Monde spa actually is. The pool area is big with a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, but there were only six loungers and two swinging egg chairs, two treatment rooms and two tables for dining. I find this a huge benefit and a real positive of the place, as we knew it wasn’t going to be overcrowded or a worry if we would get loungers.

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

I asked the girl showing us round how many they can host, and she said on that day there were us in 9-5, another two in 10-5 and another pair for the afternoon. She explained it works well because they coordinate the guests to be in different areas at different times, meaning for the most part you’d be enjoying the facilities by yourself. This just suits me perfectly and I know it would many others who prefer more privacy for their spa experiences. 

She also explained that they can host more if there are group bookings, especially if they’re staying in one of the holiday cottages in the village, but obviously at the moment numbers are naturally more limited. It goes without saying to follow all current COVID guidelines when visiting. 

Back downstairs we were shown the changing room facilities which were lovely and heated, including showers, toilets, mirrors and a hairdryer, as well as designated lockers for the day which held our robes, slippers and even a bag of mini Temple spa miniatures like shampoo in case you forgot your own. 

From this point we were free to enjoy the facilities, so we robed up and padded our way through to the pool area.

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

It’s absolutely beautiful, a much bigger space than I expected for an intimate venue but again it was like a big barn with the wooden beams across the roof. The floors were heated polished wood, and the sunlight shone through the big high windows creating the most lovely, relaxing environment with the water reflections dancing across the ceiling. 

We just lay on our loungers for a while enjoying it, before having a dip in the pool and the hot tub. They must put something in there because when the bubbles burst through and spilled over the infinity style edge they had the most gorgeous smell, it had to be scented it was fabulous. 

That’s how we spent the first couple of hours, before our treatment time came around and we went up to the relaxation lounge to wait for our therapists. The best way to describe that room is like a big warm safe hug. It was dimly lit, with big cushioned loungers and faux fur blankets draped over them, and an imitation fire that actually cackled and sounded like it was burning. It was very calming and despite just being the two of us we felt the need to whisper.

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

Our therapists collected us and took us separately to our treatment rooms, where we discussed the forms we filled in when we arrived. My treatment was a 60 minute full body massage, followed by a 30 minute facial, so we went over lifestyle, stress levels and pressure before I was left to get comfortable on the massage table and spend the next 90 minutes in a very relaxing world of my own. 

I can’t describe how amazing the treatment was. I’m sure at the moment we are all experiencing some sort of worry, stress or anxiety and I admit I was worried I’d not be able to switch off and enjoy it as to do lists kept rearing their ugly head in my mind. That must have lasted five minutes max before I was totally immersed in it and thoroughly relaxed.

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

I always choose full body massages as my treatment whenever I’m getting one, as usually I spend hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer. 

Hand on heart this was genuinely one of the best ones I’ve ever experienced. 

It included everything including brushing, heated blankets, cold eye masks, beautiful smelling oils honestly it was unbelievable. Again I have to admit I’ve never had a facial before, as I’m sometimes a bit weird about people touching my face so it’s never something I’d have previously chosen. 

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

It comes as part of the Beau Monde spa My Kinda Mood treatment package and I’ve been missing out because I absolutely loved it. The products just felt amazing especially at the moment with so much mask wearing and sleepless nights it was the treatment I didn’t even know I needed. I’m really annoyed I can’t remember the name of my therapist but I do think she had a hint of a Scottish accent, so I’d be 100% asking for her again she was brilliant. 

The 90 minutes in that treatment room felt more like half a day, which is what you want, and I came out feeling like I didn’t have a care in the world. A very nice change this year. Afterwards we were shown up to the viewing room where by now our lunch was set up waiting for us – Prosecco afternoon tea for two from the Apple Inn nearby. 

Afternoon tea Apple Inn Lucker

In contrast to a public restaurant or brasserie that is often the case with most spas, this felt like a luxury small lounge, and we sat with our Prosecco in our robes ready to tuck in. We were also offered tea, coffee and orange juice to go with it. The food as you would expect from a Northumberland pub was delicious. Fresh, and lots of it, set up in the traditional way.

This was the only part of our day that overlapped with another two enjoying their spa day, so you can see how private it is. They joined us for their lunch on the other table just as we were finishing ours.

After lunch, a birthday toast and feeling very relaxed from our treatments we took our remaining Prosecco back downstairs by the pool, where we spent the rest of the afternoon dozing on the loungers, reading, and dipping in the pool or jacuzzi. I couldn’t have planned a better birthday day myself I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

So as I mentioned our day was one of the spa packages at Beau Monde spa called ‘My Kinda Mood’ and includes everything I’ve mentioned here. There are quite a lot of different packages available though, so I’d encourage you to have a good browse of their website here.

Lounger by pool

There are multiple options for spa days in the North East, but what sets Beau Monde spa apart from others I would say is their unique boutique facilities where the focus is entirely on the spa experience. It isn’t a hotel, despite there being accommodation options nearby that can be packaged into a visit, but the whole family run business is centred around stunning spa experiences. 

Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland

I loved how quiet and private it was, which for current times is perfect and if you fancy a spa day somewhere a bit different I would really consider it. I would go back for that treatment alone I have told so many people about it since I came back. 

A huge thank you to Beau Monde spa for having us. Follow them on Instagram here for latest offers and experiences that they share regularly.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary spa day experience for 2 in exchange for an honest review.

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Boutique Spa Day At Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland
Boutique Spa Day At Beau Monde Spa, Northumberland
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