Things That Will Happen In Newcastle When Lockdown 2 Ends – Christmas Edition!

You may remember back in April I shared a very spontaneous blog post on 35 things that will happen in Newcastle when lockdown ends. It generated 63,000 views in two days and it got to the point where people were sending me it on WhatsApp, asking if I’d read it. Bit awkward having to say yeah I wrote it. That post was a total fluke, written when I couldn’t sleep one night, and we were at the height of lockdown with no clue when it would end. I don’t think I could ever replicate the success of that post, but over the first week of lockdown I have got thinking about what it will be like and what will happen in Newcastle when this lockdown ends. So here’s a Christmas edition!

For starters this lockdown is very different. We have an end date thankfully, which although could in theory change it looks a lot less likely as the government have announced a week when students can travel home, and mass testing and fingers crossed a vaccine are being discussed.

So the hopelessness and uncertainty that we felt in that first lockdown with no end in sight isn’t the case this time. Restaurants and cafes are well sorted with takeaways, we aren’t confined to an hour of exercise a day, and in general it feels a lot less ‘locked down’.

But despite this, November is another month of 2020 to be written off. We can barely see our loved ones, and the usual gradual build up to Christmas with the markets, light switch ons and traditions aren’t happening. We are going to find ourselves suddenly fully into December, with 25 days to go until the big day.

I’m seeing many people putting their decorations up early, and I very much get the need for all the festive feels this year. I’m holding off until 1st December, but I am absolutely throwing myself into it as soon as that day arrives.

The markets and big gatherings for city light switch ons may not be happening, but there are some things that definitely will still happen. And I’ll have no talk of Christmas being cancelled, or not as good this year. Christmas is what you make of it with your family, so we are staying positive. I hope these put a smile on your face, and get you looking forward to lockdown ending.

What will happen in Newcastle when lockdown 2 ends this December?

Steve and Karen will begin their daily rendition of ‘sleeps til Santa’ each morning on metro radio. Twenty four sleeps to go…twenty four sleeps til Santa….’ you know the rest.

They’re already available but festive bakes will fly off those shelves in Greggs faster than you can say Michael Buble.

The queue for Fenwicks window will be down the street. Even more so with social distancing measures. And you will still get people pushing in or wandering aimlessly into your families photo.

Please stick to the social distancing rules, the barriers that are up this year make it so much easier to see. Read more on the Wind in the Willows 2020 Fenwick’s window here.

Fenwick’s Window 2020 - Wind in the WillowsPIN IT
Fenwick’s Window 2020 – Wind in the Willows

You’re likely to find Alan Shearer in Harry’s Bar

You will struggle to get a booking at Hadrian’s Tipi, and if you do get one inside it’s actually quite overwhelming. The sweat on you get in that place is unbelievable, and you come out smelling of fire and smoke.

The Fenwick’s faints will start. When you get all wrapped up to go shopping in the cold, walk in to the heat and bright lights and end up feeling a bit light headed.

The giant clock over the entrance to Eldon Square will be counting down to Christmas Day!

The platforms at Central Station will be filled with people in Christmas jumpers, Costa or Starbucks in hand, heading off to York or Edinburgh for a festive day of fun. I know the markets aren’t on, but I reckon this will still happen if we are allowed.

Every neighbourhood will have a house that goes over the top with outside lights and we will drive by the nearest one to us to see it. Whitley Lodge at the coast always has a few.

The festivities are guaranteed to be ruined for Toon fans with a dreadful Christmas run. As always.

We will all be stood shivering on the freezing cold metro platforms waiting for the metro that was due fifteen minutes ago, and will arrive on Boxing Day. 

On the Saturday before Christmas, the busiest shopping day of the year there will be scheduled maintenance and a number 900 replacement bus service between South Gosforth and Monument.

When the gyms reopen on 3rd December there will be some PT or fitness fanatic on your facebook timeline checked in with the ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ caption.

Every hotel or bar with one with one of those message boards will change it to ‘Howay in a Manger’

Guide to Christmas in NewcastlePIN IT

It might actually be time to get the ‘big coat’ out.

The generosity of the North East never fails and even this year I can see the Mission Christmas Metro Radio Cash for Kids and the NUFC food bank donations being higher than ever. You’re a canny bunch.

The good old pudding run, and Boxing Day/New Years Day dip in the North Sea will still go ahead.

All the Karens on facebook will be out in force posting about things they already know the answer to or could just google, such as ‘where is selling Christmas jumpers?’

From the off parents will be complaining about that bloody elf on a shelf. Tell them it died of Covid.

We will pop into Stack for one and be there 5 hours later fighting for a spot next to the fire pit.

Your mam, dad, nana etc – ‘Wrap up yerl catch yer deatha cold’

The radge woman in the Blueline office will be severely put out if you need a taxi at any point in December. How very dare you.

The queue outside Apple and inside Primark will be five hours long.

Aldi will release something like mince pie flavoured ice cream. And it will be harder to get than the chocolate orange twirl.

Husbands and boyfriends will give up shopping and go for a pint instead.

Everyone, including me will be instagramming the limited edition Christmas cocktails at every bar.

Someone in every house will leave empty after eight wrappers in the box.

The traffic lights outside Haymarket will change four times before you get into the multi-storey. 

Everyone will belt out Fairytale of New York with a huge amount of gusto every time it comes on.

If Boris let’s us, I reckon we will all appreciate our Christmas dinner at home more than ever.

Guide to Christmas in NewcastlePIN IT

There’s bound to be more things that will happen in Newcastle when lockdown ends – let me know and I’ll add them! At least we don’t have to deal with that tacky fairground on Northumberland Street this year, or have awkward hugs and kisses with distant relatives. On a serious note if you are heading into the city centre to do your shopping once we can again please be safe and sensible, remember staff are just doing their job, and have patience for the inevitable child that spoils your Fenwick’s window photos.

I can’t wait.

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  • Megan
    12th November 2020

    I love this post! What a lush write up, made me look forward to Christmas and made me remember how much I love being a Geordie!

  • Kim
    13th November 2020

    Ahh! This did make me smile and remind me that I do miss the North East in the run up to Christmas. x

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