Things I Could Never Live Without as A Travel Lover

I’m finding this time of year particularly hard for no travel, as it’s perfect city break weather – cold but hopefully sunny, which is what you need to wander around seeing the sights followed by a good restaurant and bar in the evening. I am so ready for travel to open up again, fingers crossed for 2021, but the break has given me chance to reevaluate my packing habits. I’ve always been an over packer, but with work travel increasing I did get better. This year only being able to travel within the UK I think I’ve narrowed it down even further. There are some things I just can’t travel without, that will always make the cut. Here are my must-have items for traveling in 2021.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Emily Jones.

A spacious leather tote

A spacious leather tote is an essential travel bag, and my most used one, in addition to a carry on. It has enough space got all essentials plus any extras you pick up in duty free, bonus for a zipper and extra security, and it keeps every outfit stylish. For durable, high quality ones check out online sites like Mirta for example, an e-commerce of 100% Made in Italy handmade handbags of exceptional quality.

Things I Can’t Live Without As A Travel LoverPIN IT

My phone/camera

Obviously I need my phone for contact and security purposes, but over recent years it’s been my camera too. The quality of iPhone cameras now are just so good, and it has all my extra apps for editing and sharing cross device. If I have space I would still take my real camera, but I find my phone is everything in one, including a map when you need it lost in a new city. 

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are on my Christmas list this year. They’ll be great for traveling because they can help tune out travel noise, and without the wires you eliminate those frustrating moments when your headphones get caught on arm rests, tangled up, or even ripped out of your device if you bump into someone on the road. It saves your device, headphones, and is better for security as well.

Comfortable shoes

The best way to see anywhere is to just wander the streets. It is my favourite way to experience a destination, and I don’t want shoes to hold me back! I learned this the hard way in a few places, including Rome and New York. Two cities where there is a lot of ground to cover. I was never much of a trainer person, but they’re now an essential so I can make the most of my time without blisters holding me back.

Waterproof jacket

A waterproof jacket is one of those items that you aren’t thankful to have until you’re really thankful you have it. It doesn’t take up much space in your luggage or handbag while out, and it can come in handy rain or shine for another layer. I invested in a new one this year for our trip to the Lakes…good job too.

Things I Can’t Live Without As A Travel LoverPIN IT

Sleep mask

When you want to tune out your surroundings and relax, a sleep mask is what I always reach for. I also find it helpful to use one to adjust to sleeping in a new destination. Quality sleep is one thing that I don’t want to compromise on while traveling, making a sleep mask an essential. 

Portable charger

For someone who uses my phone so much – camera, map, oversharer and social media addict…a portable charger is an absolute essential when traveling. Not only for in flight entertainment but for when you are out all day exploring.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is something I, like everyone else now am never without. There isn’t always a public place to wash your hands while you are traveling or out and about, and we’ve all learned the need this year so this is a must. 

What are the items that you absolutely need on your travels? Would you anything to this list?

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in collaboration with Emily Jones.


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