Stephanie Fox: Newcastle & Travel is a lifestyle and travel blog, run by a 30-something, social media manager and travel lover based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I balance my home life in Newcastle with travelling as much as possible, whether that’s UK breaks, European getaways, or long haul trips. Passionate about good food, beautiful hotels and travel photography.

121 realistic things to do during Coronavirus lockdown

121 Realistic Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown

There are so many of these lists about, but I read some of them and just think nahhh no chance of me doing any of them. Over the last week I've seen and heard so many different things that could keep us entertained, and not all are realistic. But lots are too, so here's 121 realistic things to do during Coronavirus lockdown. read more[...]

March 2020 roundup

March 2020 Round Up

Well March has been a funny old month hasn't it....God what started off as one of my busiest months this year took a definite nose dive, as did I'm sure all of yours. Here's what was going on in my March before Corona kicked in... read more[...]

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