Stephanie Fox: Newcastle & Travel is a lifestyle and travel blog, run by a 30-something, social media manager and travel lover based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I balance my home life in Newcastle with travelling as much as possible, whether that’s UK breaks, European getaways, or long haul trips. Passionate about good food, beautiful hotels and travel photography.

How to travel more responsibly in 2020

How To Travel More Responsibly In This Digital Age

Global warming, ridiculous amounts of plastic in the oceans, more wildlife at real risk, and of course the awful bush fires in Australia - you know the situation the planet is in. We all do, and it doesn't just stop at the environment. Travel is more accessible than ever, and with this alongside the increase in social media usage comes the responsibility of being con[...]

Winter spa deals Lake District

Winter Spa Deals In The Lake District & North Yorkshire

You might have seen my post a couple of days ago on the best spa deals and breaks I found for this winter in the North East. As I explained in that post I spent a lot of time last week searching every spa I could think of to get a good deal for the end of January, and that wasn't just limited to the North East. There are a lot of excellent winter spa deals in the Lak[...]

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