Where To Get Pancakes In Newcastle

Pancake Day is one of my favourite foodie days of the year, but if you don’t enjoy making them yourself then there are plenty of places in the North East where you can get your fix. And I don’t just mean for Pancake Day. These fabulous cafes and restaurants are serving up delicious pancakes with all sorts of toppings year round. So here’s my list of where to get pancakes in Newcastle. I’m also including a few from outside the centre, like Jesmond, Heaton and the Coast too.

Pancakes in Newcastle

For once I won’t waffle on (no pun intended), so this really is just a list of where to get them and some of their specialities. It includes sweet and savoury options pancakes in Newcastle and at the coast. Enjoy!


The Newcastle branch of the popular dessert parlour Creams can be found on Grainger Street, and they have a big selection of crepe and American style pancakes available including nutella, banoffee, Oreo, red velvet, Ferrero Roche, milk and white chocolate and maple.

See the full Creams pancake menu here.

Quay Ingredient

I told some of my friends from outside of Newcastle to go here when they were staying in town and they said it was the best place they’ve ever been for breakfast. As the name suggests find them on the Quayside and be prepared to queue because they’re so popular. They have cinnamon pancakes on the menu all the time, and release specific pancake day menus too. Here’s this years.

Heavenly Deserts

This place has just opened in Newcastle and can be found on Newgate Street. They market themselves as luxury, hand crafter desserts and they have sit in and takeaway options, as well as vegan and vegetarian menu choices. Have a look at the full, very indulgent menu here. My mouth was watering reading this!

The Dispensary

The Dispensary coffee shop in Newcastle has an unbelievable pancake menu for Pancake Day, including toffee crisp, sweet apple, custard cream, peanut butter and jelly and jam roly poly. They look tremendous, visit their Instagram for the full range of options. Bookings advised for this one whenever you visit, but especially Pancake Day.

The Botanist

Probably not the usual place you’d consider for pancakes, but nevertheless The Botanist are turning their iconic hanging kebabs into hanging pancake kebabs for Pancake Day. Strawberries, marshmallow, chocolate and syrup are on the menu.


Downstairs at the bottom end of Eldon Square, sits Crepeaffaire, the crepe and pancake spot that serves nothing else, all day every day. Sweet and savoury they’re pancake pros.

Aidan’s Kitchen

A fabulous and very popular brunch spot in Sandyford, Aidan’s Kitchen food is top quality. As well as their big range of brunch food, they obviously serve pancakes too. Another one you really need to book in order to get in.

Willi’s Cafe Jesmond

Willi’s is always a busy spot on Clayton Road in Jesmond, and as well as their usual cafe, breakfast and lunch food they serve up a mix of sweet and savoury pancakes on the menu too. These chocolate and strawberry ones look good, but so do their bacon and maple syrup version.

Jam Jar, Jesmond

Also in Jesmond, this time on Osborne Road is Jam Jar, somewhere I love for bottomless brunch. Their food and drinks are great, and they’ve added pancakes to the menu for Pancake Day. Normally they serve waffles too.

Monsieur Crepe Cafe

They may be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (so will be closed for Pancake Day 2022), but Monsier Crepe Cafe is a must visit in High Heaton on any other day. They were inspired by the creperies of the South of France, and the menu is amazing. Check it out here.

Where To Get Pancakes At The Coast

When it comes to pancakes, it’s not just central Newcastle serving up flipping good ones! Here’s some of the places at the coast to try.


I’m a big fan of Allards brunch menu, especially their build your own breakfasts but I’ve also recently had their pancakes. They’re big and fluffy, with syrup. For Pancake Day they’re serving some one of specialities all day. Take a look at their menu on the instagram post below.

Chloe Mae’s

Chloe Mae’s can be found near Cullercoats metro, and their food gets really good reviews. They’re serving a special smashed Oreo stack pancake all day for Pancake Day, but their other flavours usually include biscoff and banana, strawberries and cream, and bacon and maple syrup.

Spanish City

Valerie’s tearoom in the Spanish City on Whitley Bay sea front will be serving up pancakes for pancake day, and every other day they’re open. Flavours like biscoff, chocolate and strawberry, enjoy with a view of the coast from this iconic spot.

The Boatyard

Another popular spot in Cullercoats, the Boatyard are running a special pancake menu for Tuesday and Wednesday. You can choose from one of two sized stacks, and then choose your toppings.

Signature Lounge

A relatively new spot on Park View in Whitley Bay, but the food is really good and I’ve had the pancakes myself before so can definitely recommend. Take a look, you can’t book but if you stop by you shouldn’t be waiting too long for a table.

Whether you’re looking for Pancake Day specifics, or just after them on any normal day of the year at least we can all agree there’s some really good places to choose from across Newcastle and the coast.

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