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Where To Get A Full English Breakfast In Newcastle

Sometimes you just need a full English breakfast, whether that’s because you’re hungover after a night out, want to line the stomach before a day drinking, or maybe you just have an appetite for it. Here’s where to get a full English breakfast in Newcastle.

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Although there are many different places to get breakfast in Newcastle, these 11 places are the go to specifically for a full English in Newcastle. They include places on the Quayside, the city centre and near the train station, as well as some of the nearby neighbourhoods. 

Full English Breakfast on Newcastle Quayside

The Newcastle quayside is famous for it’s bridges over the river Tyne, but if you’re just after a full fry up breakfast here’s where to go.

Quay Ingredient

Quay Ingredient is on Queen Street down on the Quayside, and is often spoken about as one of the best places to get breakfast in the city. If you’re staying anywhere on the quayside it is definitely where you should be heading, but be prepared to queue as it’s so popular. Their traditional full English breakfast is just £6.95.

Queens Cafe

If you can’t get into Quay Ingredient then right opposite on the corner is Queen’s Cafe, they also do a no frills full English breakfast. 

Pitcher & Piano

In a great spot right by the Millennium Bridge, Pitcher & Piano serve their full English breakfast (£9.45) and veggie breakfast (£13.25) daily until 12pm. Enjoy it with views of the Newcastle bridges over the River Tyne.

Full English Breakfast in Newcastle City Centre

The centre of Newcastle covers everywhere from Central Station, and along to Grey Street. Here’s where to head for your full English in this part of town.


Blakes Coffee & Kitchen describe themselves as a cosy hipster coffee shop, based on the scenic spot of Grey Street in central Newcastle. They offer a few versions of the full English breakfast, including the traditional for £7.50, the Full Monty which doubles up on sausages, bacon and eggs for £9.75, and the veggie breakfast for £7.50.


For somewhere slightly fancier for breakfast, head to Cote which is on the corner of Grainger Street. Serving until 12pm through the week and 12:30pm on weekends, they have a full breakfast (£10.50), a vegan breakfast and a vegetarian breakfast (both £9.95) on offer. You could also choose to make it a champagne breakfast for £17.95, which includes a glass of champagne and either a hot drink or fruit juice. Possibly the fanciest full English breakfast in Newcastle!

Mile Castle

If you need a full English breakfast before a train home, on a hangover, or before a football away day, then the Mile Castle is the place to head to. It’s very close to Newcastle Central, and being a Wetherspoons you know exactly what you’re getting.


A unique place on Market Lane in the centre of town, Horticulture is a popular spot for a weekend breakfast. Their ‘Muckle Breakfast’ is their take on the full English, and the ‘Big Vegan’ breakfast is obviously the vegan version. Slightly pricier at £13 and £10, but the food here is always good, just make sure you book as it’s popular.

Full English Breakfast on the Outskirts of Newcastle

Some of the neighbourhoods on the edge of Newcastle city centre have some great places to eat, especially for breakfast.

Butterfly Cabinet, Heaton

Always busy with a queue down the street, the Butterfly Cabinet on Heaton Road is a popular spot in the centre of Heaton. Just a short taxi or metro ride from Newcastle City Centre, their breakfast menu is a good one and of course has a full English. 

Fork in the Rose, Heaton

A relatively new cafe also on Heaton Road, Fork in the Rose is a cool little cafe and florist combined. They do a full English breakfast for £13.50 and a vegan version at £12.50. They have outside tables to sit in the sun, are dog friendly and are a good place to watch the world go by.

Arlo, Jesmond

The full English and the vegan full English at Arlo on Brentwood Avenue in Jesmond are both £10.50, and it’s one of the most popular places outside of the city centre. You can’t book so you may need to queue if you aren’t there early, but the food is always great and it’s a lively, bustling spot. Nearest metro is West Jesmond which is only a couple of stops from both Haymarket and Monument.

Ernest, Ouseburn

Booking your table for Ernest in Ouseburn is a must as it’s very popular, as is their ‘Local Hero’ full English breakfast for £14, and their Plant Lover’s Breakfast for £13. A creative, arty venue in the Ouseburn, Ernest is a good place to start your day exploring all that the area has to offer once you’ve ate.

Read my guide to the Ouseburn here.

One thing you can guarantee when looking for a full English in Newcastle is the local twist, either in names such as the Muckle Breakfast of Horticulture, or the Local Hero of Ernest, and most of them source their ingredients locally too. If you fancy something different take a look at my bumper list of where to get breakfast in Newcastle, or my post on where to go for bottomless brunch.

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