Arthur pupdate

4 Month Arthur Pup-Date

I first wrote about Arthur when he had only been with us for two weeks. SO MUCH has changed in that time, especially him, so just thought I'd do a little pupdate on the menace that is Arthur. read more[...]

Chat on Coronavirus

General Chat On Coronavirus

I don't really feel like I can continue posting as normal without addressing the Coronavirus situation in some way. It wouldn't be right to the huge amounts of people affected by it, including those who have it, have lost loved ones because of it, are seeing[...]

February 2020 round up

February 2020 ROund Up

The last thing I mentioned in my January round up was Arthur, our new pug pup, who we picked up right at the end of the month, so he's going to be the first thing I mention this month. An entire month with him and he's so bloody amazing, and now finally able[...]

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