Festive Bars In Newcastle This Christmas

The Most Festive Bars in Newcastle This Christmas

‘Go on then it’s Christmas’ can now officially be used as an excuse - for anything. Drinking midweek (not that it stopped me before), helping yourself to an extra mince pie or swiftly giving up on your Christmas shopping in favour of the nearest bar. Most places have launched their Christmas drinks menus now, so I thought I’d round up the most festive bars in[...]

Fenwick's window 2019 Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Fenwick’s Window 2019 – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Fenwick’s window 2019 is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the much loved children’s story by Roald Dhal, and illustrator Quentin Blake. Like every year, the window unveiling marks the start of the festivities in the North East, and for this year the Northumberland Street windows tell the tale of Charlie Bucket and his adventure to Willy Wonka’s chocolate fa[...]

City Living at The Forge Luxury Apartments, Newcastle

City Living at The Forge Apartments, Newcastle

'Superenting', is the term the team at The Forge luxury apartment complex in Newcastle claim their service to be, and after spending part of the weekend there last week I'd have to agree. City centre living in Newcastle isn't something I've ever done myself, the closest I got was Gosforth for a few years when I came home from uni, and truth be told I really wish I'd[...]

Tyneside Cinema Christmas

Tyneside Cinema Christmas Showcase

Insert joke here about how it's only August and way too early to be talking about Christmas. Now let's move on. I've had a definite increase in Christmas emails the last couple of weeks, with a lot of places opening up bookings for parties, restaurants and events. I've got friends with kids who are even struggling to get booked in for things that are already fully bo[...]