The most colourful spots in Cologne and Bonn, Germany

The Most Colourful Spots in Cologne & Bonn, Germany

If there is one thing my camera roll and Instagram feed look after a visit to Cologne it's colourful. Even when it rained on my first visit a could of years ago the pastel colours of the buildings stood bright against the grey skies, and in the summer they look even better against the bright blue. Here's some of the most colourful spots in Cologne, and nearby Bonn and[...]

A Surprise Weekend Break with WowTrip

A Surprise Weekend Break to Cologne with WowTrip

I'd previously heard of booking holidays where you don't know which hotel you're staying in until you get there, but before my recent experience with Wow Trip Travel (not to be confused with Wow Air - totally different) I wasn't aware that you could get entire trips planned for you, where everything is a surprise even the country, and the city within it. For someone[...]

Bierhaus in der Salzgasse, Cologne

A Traditional German Bierhaus in Cologne

Picture the scene, it's a cold, dark winter night and you're stood among the crowds that have all flocked to the Cologne Christmas market. The cathedral is lit up and looming above you, you've picked up some souvenirs and exhausted row upon row of festive stalls that line the Rudolfplatz. Where do you go next? Easy. A traditional German Bierhaus. read more[...]


Itinerary: 3 days in Cologne, Germany

It's really difficult to work for a travel company without being inspired to travel to all the places yourself, so this trip was born from a mix of needing an Easter time break somewhere fairly close to home, (I had NO summer holiday booked AT ALL at this point and was panicking) and professional research for a blogger trip to Cologne. I'd never been to Germany at[...]