The Principal, Manchester

A Luxury Stay at The Principal Manchester – Hotel Review

Walking in to the grand entrance of The Principal hotel in Manchester, I honestly felt totally blown away. I've stayed in some beautiful hotels before, but this Grade II listed building, complete with Victorian architecture, stone archways and giant clock tower has so much character to it you feel like you're in another world as soon as you step in. I was down in Manc[...]

Festival mistakes from a first timer

Festival Mistakes from a First Timer

Some people are just born to go to festivals. Care free, flowing hair, flower crowns, no electricity just suits them. I however, am not. The thought of sleeping in a tent, having to cope without the day to day comforts that I'm fully aware I take for granted literally makes me want to heave. Needless to say I was setting myself up to make all the festival mistakes I c[...]

Sunday dinner at Hawksmoor restaurant, Manchester

Cure a Hangover with Sunday Dinner at Hawksmoor – Manchester

We spent New Year weekend in Manchester this year, and part of the plan was to combat our hangovers with Sunday dinner on New Year's Day, followed by a few pubs. Kieran's mate Stu, who from his snapchats basically spends his entire life eating out was in charge of finding us somewhere good. He spent a week looking and booked us in for Sunday dinner at Hawksmoor Restau[...]