July Round Up 2018

What a month July has been. I’ve been all over the place, three different countries, and had some great times, as well as some fun activities in Newcastle. Who’s been to that By the River Brew Co. place? A-mazing. It’s turned out to be a bloody good summer hasn’t it?!


A Surprise Weekend Break with Wow Trip


My last monthly update was the day of the England semi final, and we all know how that turned out. Despite the result I had such a good night at the fan zone with my friend Lisa. We put the world to rights over beers and ciders beforehand, and got covered in beer and cider and god knows what else throughout the game.

It was obviously gutting for England not to reach the final, however I thoroughly enjoyed the whole World Cup and for England to be part of it for so long was an unexpected treat. Roll on the start of the new football season if you ask me because I am ready for Monday night football and super sundays to return. Howdy the lads!


July Round Up


Some of us went to Amsterdam for basically the day for a work meeting at the start of the month, and I think we were there on the hottest day of the Amsterdam summer. It was scorching! From there we each flew on to other locations to meet other colleagues, and I went to Paris. Also, hotter than the sun.


July Round up


While the days are spent in the office I always get up ridiculously early to go for a wander around, and get out and about in the evenings too. It’s definitely doable to see a bit of the place in the summer, although I’ve never known heat like it. The last time I was in Paris there was snow on the ground, but this time it was almost unbearably hot.


July Round up


I went for a walk around some of the usual tourist spots, that I never get tired of seeing, but I also went into some new areas I haven’t explored as much. I found some of the cutest little French streets, with people out enjoying the warm weather with glasses of wine and eating outside. That turned into a new blog post, the prettiest streets in Paris. Take a look because some of them are just adorable.


The Prettiest Streets in ParisPIN IT


In the middle of July I went on a surprise weekend trip away with Wow Trip Travel, along with some other girls I’ve met through blogging and a course we all took together. I drove down to Manchester at 4am, and from there we flew to Cologne for the weekend.


A Surprise Weekend Break with Wow Trip


I’d been before but it was great to go back, and I managed to squeeze in a trip to neighbouring Bonn too. I’ve shared my full experience of the surprise trip here, so if you’re indecisive or don’t like planning things you should definitely give it a read.


A Surprise Weekend Break with Wow Trip


One sunny Wednesday evening I took my mum along to Cote Brasserie in Newcastle, followed by the live screening of Romeo & Juliet by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Tyneside Theatre. That’s a lot of info to take in, but basically I was invited for dinner and a show, with the aim of showcasing how you can experience the theatre in London without having to make the trip down there.


Dinner & a show with Cote Brasserie and The RSCPIN IT


I really enjoyed Cote, it was somewhere I’d been wanting to visit for a while and the food was excellent, and I was pleasantly surprised by the live theatre performance. It was a slightly different take on Romeo & Juliet but still stuck to the main story so we had a good night.


Dinner & a show with Cote Brasserie and The RSCPIN IT


I was also invited to experience a night in a luxury quayside apartment, with Dream apartments. Kieran and I stayed one Thursday, and took advantage of being up in town and went out for food, and a night out in Tiger Hornsby. I really wish I knew who the live singer was in there that night because he was so good. I shared a post yesterday on the Dream Apartment stay so take a look. If you don’t fancy a staycation they also have apartments elsewhere in the UK and Europe.


Dream Apartments Newcastle


Right, onto this new container company thing by the river in Newcastle. How good is it please? I know everyones been and I eventually got myself down there too with some friends and family last week, and loved it.


July Round UpJuly Round Up


Such a great idea for some casual day drinking, and good food. Definitely visit if you haven’t yet, but just be aware the food market area is only open at the weekend.


Dream Apartments Newcastle


And finally, this weekend just gone I was on my cousin Katie’s hen do, where we went to Kendal Calling Festival in the Lake District. I had been slightly apprehensive about camping, as the only two festival experiences I’ve had were both day tickets and we stayed in a hotel.


July Round UpPIN IT


I had such a good time, even with the camping, and the rain. I think I’ll have to write a full post up on it separately, mainly because I feel compelled to share a lot more detail about Katie’s incredible head dresses alone, but it was such a good weekend.


July Round Up


So far for this month I have a trip to Copenhagen next week, and it’s also restaurant week in Newcastle. I’m sad to not be here for more of it but I do have a reservation for when I get back. And a girls weekend in London which I’m really looking forward to for brunching and drinking.

Have a great August!




  • Carina
    1st August 2018

    Lovely photos! Looks like you’ve had a great July!! <3 xo

  • Chloe - New Girl in Toon
    1st August 2018

    Yes! Please write a post on Kendal Calling! I don’t really know much about it but your photos are fantastic and it looks like you had such a great time (what an amazing idea for a hen do!)

  • Newcastle Family Life
    3rd August 2018

    it sounds like you had an amazing month packed with adventures. I am a big fan of cote, lovely place to dine. x

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