Summer Travel Make Up Essentials

My Make Up Favourites for Summer Travel

You know after you’ve had a few days in the sun and all of a sudden your foundation is the completely wrong colour? As someone who tans pretty quickly I learned years ago to prepare for this. I know many have already had summer holidays, but my main one is yet to come. I have however had four days in Palma and got a surprisingly good tan from just that short time.[...]

Make up Bloom Beauty

Occasion Make Up for Hexham Races with Bloom Beauty

I very rarely get my make up done, mainly due to the hassle of having to go up to town for the appointment, factoring in enough time, and then having to get all the way back home to finish getting ready. Not to mention people gawping at you in public. When Bloom Mobile Beauty contacted me asking if I'd be interested in collaborating with them I was pretty taken with[...]