Osaka, Newcastle

Standout Sushi from Osaka, Newcastle

Sushi is one of my favourite foods in the world ever. I think some people have such an aversion to it, probably because they've tried the crappy meal deal versions you get from the shop, that are processed and packaged before sitting out in a shop front fridge all morning. The best type of sushi is without a doubt, freshly made, from a pro sushi chef and served straig[...]

Aveika Newcastle quayside

Incredible Cocktails And Japanese Food at Aveika

I'm going to start with the verdict on our meal at Aveika last week, and say it was absolutely amazing. We had such a good night and I've been thinking about it ever since wondering when we can go back. I've ate at Aveika three times now, at different stages in it's lifetime in prime spot right by the quayside and the Tyne bridge. I first ate there opening night, and[...]