Blogmas: A 2021 Quiz For Over Christmas

Can you remember everything that’s happened in 2021? With rounds on Christmas, as well as popular culture, TV & film, a sort of politics round and sport, there’s hopefully something for everyone. Here’s my 2021 quiz for over Christmas.

A 2021 Quiz To Play Over Christmas

Each round shows the topic and how many you can score, and the answers follow at the end. No cheating!

Christmas /16

  1. What is the name of Elton John & Ed Sheeran’s Christmas song?
  2. In the 12 days of Christmas how many lords are leaping?
  3. In Home Alone, what is Kevin’s brother called?
  4. Name all of Santas nine reindeer – point for each 
  5. Who was the author of A Christmas Carol?
  6. Gingerbread houses are inspired by what fairytale? 
  7. Which country donates the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree?
  8. If you are born on Christmas day what is your star sign?
  9. What were the boys of the NYPD choir singing in the Fairytale of New York?
  10. What is this years Fenwicks window theme?

Sport /12

  1. Who won the Womens tennis US Open?
  2. Which tennis player withdrew from the French Open for refusing to speak to the media to protect her mental health?
  3. England beat Germany 2-0 in the Euros in the summer. Name the goal scorers? (1 point for both)
  4. How much did PSG pay for Messi?
  5. In what round did Tyson Fury knock out Deontay Wilder in October?
  6. Which football manager recently told journalists their job is much easier which is why they don’t get paid as much?
  7. How many races did Rachel Blackmore win at Cheltenham?
  8. She also won the grand national, on which horse?
  9. Who won the super bowl?
  10. Who is Tiger Woods golfing partner when he returns to play?
  11. Verstappen took the F1 title over Hamilton, but which driver crashed that caused the safety car until the last lap?
  12. Tom Daley finally won gold at the olympics this year, how many Olympic Games has he taken part in?

Google SEARCHES in 2021 /8

Global searches across the world

  1. Who was the most searched actor of the year?
  2. Who was the most searched athlete/sportsman of the year?
  3. Which sport team got the most searches in 2021?
  4. Who was the most googled musician?

Uk specific searches 

  1. Which Netflix show got the most searches?
  2. Which word was typed into google the most  in the UK in 2021?
  3. Name a song that was in the top 3 lyric searches of 2021?
  4. What was the most googled question in 2021? Clue: it’s not pandemic related!

Pop Culture /12

  1. Who won best British group at the Brit Awards?
  2. Who has the most followers on instagram?
  3. Britney Spears conservatorship finally ended this year after how many years?
  4. Who is Kourtney Kardashian engaged to?
  5. Which celebrity couple got back together this year after their split in 2004?
  6. Which social media platform hit 1 billion users in 2021?
  7. What was the name of the Scottish musican who shot to fame with a version of the sea shanty Wellerman?
  8. Which online retailer bought the Topshop brand? 
  9. What was the name of Aldis rip of caterpillar?
  10. This year the Spice Girls celebrated how many years since they formed?
  11. Who stayed at number 1 for 9 weeks with her debut single ‘Drivers License’
  12. Name 3 famous people who passed away in 2021 (1 point for all 3)

General Knowledge /7

  1. What was the name of the ship that blocked the canal causing major trade delays around the world?
  2. The Facebook company changed its corporate name to what this year?
  3. What are New Zealand set to ban for anyone born after 2008?
  4. The billionaire space race saw Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos compete to reach outer space first, who won?
  5. Which country landed a spacecraft on Mars first – US or China?
  6. What birthday did the queen celebrate this year?
  7. What year has 2021 been in the chinese calendar?

Politics, sort of! /8

  1. Matt Hancock was caught having an affair with Gina Colangelo, which shop does her husband own?
  2. What is Boris baby girl called?
  3. Which US building was stormed by protesters earlier in the year?
  4. Who sang the national anthem at Joe Bidens inauguration ceremony?
  5. Who is the first female vice president?
  6. In which city did world leaders meet for Cop26?
  7. Which TV presenter recently said she wants to run for Prime Minister?
  8. What date was the UKs Freedom day this summer? 

TV & Film /11

  1. Who is the oldest Bridgerton brother and the focus of series 2 coming soon?
  2. Who played the bad guy in No Time To Die?
  3. Who was H in line of duty?
  4. Who won best actor at the Oscar’s? 
  5. Who was the first celebrity voted off I’m a Celebrity?
  6. The first Harry Potter film was released how many years ago this year?
  7. Who made headlines for her dancing in the audience at an audience with Adele?
  8. Which soap won best serial drama at this years NTAs?
  9. What is the name of the new SATC spin off currently airing?
  10. Who hosted the Friends reunion?
  11. Piers Morgan’s final Life Stories was with who?

Looking ahead /7

  1. The Queen will celebrate what jubilee next year?
  2. Which country is hosting the world cup in 2022?
  3. Which city is hosting the winter olympics 2022?
  4. Who is confirmed to headline friday night at Glastonbury? 
  5. The BBC is celebrating what anniversary next year?
  6. A World Heritage centre is opening in which UK city?
  7. The sixth and final series of which TV program is hitting screens in early 2022?

Hope you enjoyed playing my 2021 quiz, find all the answers below!

2021 Quiz Answers

Christmas Round Answers

Merry Christmas, 10, Buzz, Rudolph Dancer Prancer Blitzen Donna Dasher Comet Vixen Cupid, Charles Dickens, Hansel & Gretel, Norway, Capricorn, Galway Bay, Shaun the Sheep

Sports Round Answers

Emma Radacanu, Naomi Osaka, Sterling & Kane, Nothing – free transfer, 11th round, Jose Mourinho, 6, Minella Times, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his son Charlie Woods, Nicholas Latifi, 4

Google Searches Answers

Alec Baldwin, Christian Eriksen, Real Madrid, Travis Scott, Squid Game, ‘euros’, Poker Face Easy on Me or Sweet Caroline, ‘is Facebook down?’

Pop Culture Answers

Little Mix, Christiano Ronaldo, 13, Travis Barker, JLo & Ben Affleck, Tik Tok, Nathan Evans, Asos, Cuthbert, 25, Olivia Rodrigo, 

Celebs: Prince Philip, Sarah Harding, Helen McRory, Virgil Abloh, Willie Garson, Sean Lock, DMX, Walter Smith, James Michael Tyler (Gunther), Nikki Grahame, Jessica Walter 

General Answers

Ever Given, Meta, cigarettes/smoking, Richard Branson, US, 95th, year of the ox

Politics Answers

Oliver Bonas, Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, Capitol, Lady Gaga, Kamala Harris, Glasgow, Alison Hammond, 19th July

TV & Film Answers

Anthony, Rami Malek, DSU Ian Buckells, Anthony Hopkins, Arlene Phillips, 20, Emma Thompson, Coronation Street, And Just Like That, James Corden, Kate Garraway

Looking Ahead Answers

Platinum, Qatar, Beijing, Billie Eilish, centenary 100 years, Bath, Peaky Blinders

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