Blogmas: A Luxury Gift Guide

I have to admit I sometimes struggle with the idea of sharing designer purchases, where I once couldn’t do it quick enough I began to feel guilty over it and I’d get a feeling like I was being judged. There’s no reason for this nothing happened, and I don’t splurge very often either. I just think in a year when so many have lost a lot, taken pay cuts, gone from one month to the next not knowing what money would be coming in it may seem a tad insensitive to share something like this. But then I thought, if ever there is a year to treat yourself, or a loved one if you can afford to then this is it. And if not then like me you can always save your wish list for the future, so here’s my luxury gift guide.

I don’t often post about fashion, but not every luxury gift has to be fashion related, so there are some experiences in here too. I wouldn’t think twice about posting a beautiful luxury hotel I stayed in and really, at the end of the day how anyone chooses to spend their money is their business.

I, like many am very partial to the odd bag, pair of shoes etc that I save up for and splash out on. I have a lovely but small collection and I adore every piece I have. So this guide isn’t going to be the latest on trend thing, I’m no fashion blogger or always after the newest release. I prefer things I will always use or get wear out of. All time classic favourite bits or as I like to call them – investments.

If it’s not for you that’s totally fine, but for me buying these things often coincides with a trip somewhere. Going shopping in places like Paris for Chanel from the original shop, New York for anything off Maddison or 5th Avenue, London Bond Street where I got my 18th birthday present, Florence for the original Gucci store, Capri for your high end swimwear on Via Camarelle…is part of the whole experience of buying luxury goods and having a travel experience combined.

I hate ordering online when it comes to luxury gift buying or ’to me from me’ purchases like this, as it’s so exciting I want a whole trip and this type of shopping can add to it. This year with no travel online ordering is the way to go unless you live near a major city. I’m keeping my money until the Spring, but if you’re looking for some suggestions especially when it comes to where to start then here’s mine.

Luxury Gifts For Her

Beautiful Bags 

I absolutely love all the seasonal limited edition bags from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but when it comes to actually buying them I think simple and understated is best. The quality of the leather of both brands is just phenomenal, and they last.

My first bag was the white Monogram Speedy bag from Louis Vuitton and I adored it. Now though I think the brown monogram is what I’d go for over the white, as it’s a lot less in your face. The full iconic Monogram collection can be found here. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the classic Speedy’s or Alma’s, they’re perfect depending what you or your intended recipient is looking for.

Over the years I found when it came to everyday handbags, that are big enough for everything you’d need, secure, classic and the most gorgeous leather, I prefer Gucci. I had a tan leather with the Gucci print stamped in for years, and it never failed me. I’m so sad they discontinued it but I do really love the GG Marmont bags that followed.

I have the GG Marmont shoulder bag in pink, and it’s the only coloured bag I have. It was a special purchase from the original Gucci in Florence, and I love it for the summer. I intended to get the mini, but the extra space that comes with the small is very much worth sizing up for when you see them side by side. The style comes in a range of colours and is a great bag for a special gift.

So that’s hand bags and shoulder bags ticked off, which leaves a shopper, cross body and a clutch to add to the collection. For a shopper I love the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram in either the darker or lighter shade. I just think they’re beautiful and exactly the right size for a proper shopper bag that you can also put over your shoulder. They’re also completely Paris vibes as you can’t turn a corner in that city without spotting someone with one.

For a clutch, likely to be for evening wear I think you can get a bit more extravagant, but of course that comes with a price tag. I have a patent Gucci clutch that is so nice I’m almost too scared to use it. Also it doesn’t fit my massive iPhone in it anymore – so consider that if you’re going to invest. The equivalent that is available now is this one, that comes in a few colours.

I haven’t invested in a bag like this in a very long time, as I got a bit sidetracked by shoes. Also it seems a bit wrong to be buying bags like that when we need a house deposit so I’ve resisted. I can feel that changing next year though 😉

Shoe Lovers

I approach shoes in almost the same way as I do bags, if you’re spending the money on a designer pair then get ones you will always wear first, rather than a one off seasonal pair. Which means go for black, tan or nude for the first pair.

New Flannels Newcastle storePIN IT


Unless it’s for an occasion like a wedding, the Louboutin Icons collection is where you need to direct your search, for some ruby red soles. Narrow down depending on heel size, style and toe shape. I’d probably also include the platforms section in your first shoe search too. My first pair were the ‘Private Number’, but they were all black they didn’t have the red platform. I still wear these today and they are the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned. They’re so light, and you just don’t get blisters.

I love my points, if you can wear high heels then go for the Kate or So Kate’s, but even I struggle to walk in the So Kate’s at 120mm heel, the Kate’s are definitely easier to walk in. If you want a heel but don’t like full skyscrapers then go for the Pigalle’s. I really want the Kate’s in nude as I think they’d go with everything I’d get so much wear out of them.

I think footwear is easier to go a bit more dramatic with, so I do have a couple of one off leopard print boots, and python print silver shoes. I adore both they’re just incredible so if you’re ever wondering if you should just go for it with something like that then I would say one MILLION per cent.

I don’t personally own any Jimmy Choos but my mum is a big fan.

Chunky Boots

A good pair of chunky black boots is another big investment, and I built up the courage (and saved up) to buy a really good pair a couple of years ago. I went for Louis Vuitton Star Trail ankle boots, and it doesn’t look like the exact ones are available but there are a few similar. One of the best buys I could have spent my money on, I wear them all the time in winter and even in the summer with dresses or skirts too.

I know the Prada Monolith boots are currently very popular, but I’m not too keen on the black pouch that comes with them. I don’t fancy looking like I’m wearing a tag haha. I also really wanted a pair with a heel.

I do really like the Grenson boots and one day I will invest in a flat pair, but not yet. If you are shopping then Far Fetch often have good discounts on the Grenson’s.

Moving on from bags, shoes and boots as I could spend all day browsing those websites, here’s some other luxury extras for her.

White Company Sleepwear

I have never slept in softer pyjamas than my White Company winter ones, they’re just so cosy. The range of dressing gowns are also a good buy as they keep you toasty warm on the cold mornings and winter nights. I’d also very much recommend the fluffy slippers.

Shop White Company Sleepwear here.

Dyson Haircare

I have never looked back since I bought the Dyson air wrap. I don’t have the hairdryer but I’ve heard good things, however if you want the option for both silky smooth hair, waves, or just a hairdryer then the Dyson Airwrap Smooth & Control is for you. My hair went from being frazzled and over straightened to much, much better condition after using this for a month or so. It’s worth noting though that my hair does have a natural wave to it, I know some people were disappointed the waves didn’t hold as well for them, but they have naturally poker straight hair.

I think it depends what you’re looking for, so have a look at both the Complete Airwrap collection, the Volume & Control collection, or perhaps just the hairdryer or straighteners. When my straighteners broke in September I was very tempted by the Dyson straighteners, but my sister has them and said although they’re good they aren’t very light, which isn’t any good for me travelling so much (normally, obviously not this year), so I did go for the GHD’s instead.

That said I love my Airwrap it was one of the best investments I made for my hair, especially when I want to curl it which I’m useless at usually. You can buy from direct on site, or John Lewis, but I got mine from Boots as it was worth all the extra points especially if you have a double points offer. It saves you some money as you technically get some of it back. I think I got about £35 worth of points.

Jo Malone

With so many scents available there is at least one Jo Malone perfume for everyone. I always find the staff so helpful so if you aren’t sure what you like then spend the time with them because they’ll find one for you. My go to is the Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which I would never have picked up if it wasn’t for the staff. I’ve never looked back and over the years I’ve had the perfume, body wash and lotion too.

Of course you can’t overlook the Jo Malone candles too, they last for so long and there’s something so beautiful about their packaging too. A gift I’d never get tired of receiving. Shop on site but for fragrances I think it’s better to go in to a shop unless you know the scent you like.

VB Beauty

I was very impressed with the Victoria Beckham beauty collaboration Mrs Beckham did with Estée Lauder a few years ago, I still use the highlighter I got as it’s so lasting, and the gold balm. I don’t think I would have bought her own brand beauty had it not been for that collaboration, but I’m so glad I did as her own VBBeauty is every bit as good and worth the money.

The eye bricks are compact but the colours are so pigmented you don’t need much, so again they last well. The packaging is sleek and beautiful, so it’s great for travel too. I haven’t yet tried one of the new lip sticks but I think I will soon.

Shop the eye bricks, the matching Kajal liners and the full VBBeauty range on

Luxury Gifts For Him

It’s often said that men are difficult to buy for, but I actually think Kieran is the easiest person to buy for. He likes to indulge here and there, and I’d have no worries about wondering if he’d like what I got him if I went with certain brands. I’m not going into clothes, as everyone’s taste is totally different but some good places to start with luxury gifts and accessories for men are…

Small Leather Goods

Wallets, card holders, wash bags, phone cases, laptop sleeves etc. You can get some really high quality leather goods that aren’t ridiculously expensive. I got Kieran this Gold Bee card holder a couple of years ago, but I also really like the slightly bigger wallet too from the same range.

For wash bags I think this Burberry one is very smart, it has the print but only very subtly, and a Mulberry one that comes in quite a few colours.


A travel bag perfect for weekends away, or hand luggage for trips abroad, a hold all makes for a really good gift and you can get it in various sizes depending on what he would use it for. And your budget obviously. I can’t find the exact one that Kieran has, but this one is very similar. Paul Smith have one of the better ranges of male goods like this, this one has a lot of items with the same print so it matches.

Kieran uses his all the time, so even if you don’t want to go for a designer one it’s a good present whatever make you get.


These jackets are so nice, I mean if they’re good enough for Becks? I personally like the leather jackets as they smell amazing, but the wax jackets are also very smart. Kieran wears his Barbour most days, and keeps the Belstaff for going out. A good investment jacket.


These just make me think of Ant & Dec as it’s all they wear when presenting I’m a Celebrity, but they are pretty cool shoes and boots that are also smart.


Go with what you know they like, but if you’re looking for new inspiration then the first place I’d go to would be MillerGrey on instagram, he has a whole highlight. Like I said before with Jo Malone you really need to physically smell any new fragrance to make sure he (and you!) like it. Aftershave isn’t cheap so if you don’t want to risk a new one I think a bottle of their favourite is always appreciated.

Sauvage is my favourite for men.

I would love nothing more than a trip to London Bond Street for some luxury shopping, but unfortunately I’m not going to get there this year. If you can though then download their new festive filter for instagram story, and join the magical fairies bringing some festive magic!

Luxury Experiences For You Both

A luxury gift doesn’t need to be a purchase of course. As I said at the start experiences can also be an incredible gift as you get to enjoy it together. Wherever you live there will be places you can enjoy a luxury escape not too far from you, whether that’s a hotel stay, a spa break or even a fancy restaurant for date night. I thought I’d include some North East, or within a few hours of the North East places for inspiration of the type of thing I mean. Some of these are on my list.

Ramside Treehouses

The Ramside Hall treehouses opened in February this year and they just look fabulous. They don’t come cheap but they look absolutely worth the money if it was for an occasion.

North East Spas

For my favourite spas take a look at this old blog post on some of the spas near to us. But please note this is an old post so the offers are likely to be different now. If you don’t want to click away yet then a quick summary is Rockliffe Hall, Seaham Hall, Walwick Hall and Matfen Hall.

Lake District Escape

I’m asked this question so much, where should I book a luxury stay in the Lake District? There are literally so many to choose from. I’ve personally stayed at Langdale Estate with Brimstone Spa, Armathwaite Hotel and recently Mirefoot Cottages. All were beautiful and a real treat.

On my list is the Gilpin, Lodore Falls and Low Wood Bay.

Schloss Roxburghe

I have to mention this place, it was a hotel I stayed at as part of a press trip to the Scottish Borders in September, and it was fabulous. Everything from the food, to the rooms and the public spaces within the hotel were beautiful I’m desperate to go back and take Kieran and Arthur – dogs are welcome too.

Close House Accommodation

A few months ago I was invited to Close House for Sunday lunch, and a tour round the accommodation. I won’t go into details here as I have a full post on it which gives all the information and photos. The private lodge, and the pavilion were both beautiful options for secluded stays, that everyone can enjoy not just golf members. The restaurant was also really good food.

Many of these hotels or spas have had to close recently with the North East being in tier 3, but they all do gift vouchers that are a great way to give a luxury gift this Christmas. It also takes away the stress of booking a date without them knowing, as you can give the gift voucher and then plan the visit together.

If you’re looking for some luxury gifts this year, then I hope this has given you some inspiration. I have to say though, treating yourself to something nice is one of the best feelings in the world, so consider a luxury gift from you to you this year too. I think we all deserve it.

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