A Year In Review & My Highlights Of 2021

After 2020 I had very high hopes for 2021, and looking back on the last day of the year today, it hasn’t quite been the back to normal year we all hoped for. I’ve had some amazing moments this year, real highs but some very real lows too. I wouldn’t say it’s been an easy year at all, but I always like to scroll back through my feed and camera roll on 31st December and take the positives. Here’s some of my highlights from 2021.


I don’t feel like anything actually happened for most of the first half of the year. We were still in lockdown in January and it was a very slow road to freedom. I spent a lot of it walking Arthur in the snow. We did do the Alzheimer’s memory walk in March for my little nanas which put all the walking to good use.

Other than a lot of outdoor days out scrambling to book tables every weekend, and it of course being great to see people again it was still more of a quiet first half of the year. I did get a new job, where I moved from Social Media Manager at DFDS to Head of Social and Content at an agency in Gosforth.

Then wedding season came along, and we got the long awaited hen dos for my cousin and sister. That weekend in the Lake District with all the girls was amazing. We drank, danced, went paddle boarding, and generally just had the best time all together. 

My sister had a family hen do at Branches in Jesmond, which we decorated up and enjoyed some really good food. Another milestone day that was one of my favourites of the year. 

I was bridesmaid for both of their weddings in August when there were no restrictions, or worries and both of those long weekends filled with family and friends were incredible. Very different weddings but weekends and days i’ll never forget being a part of. 

The euros was a massive highlight for me, along with the rest of the country. It just took over for June and July and provided so much excitement for a few hopeful weeks. Being out in town when we beat Germany was a brilliant night for this long standing football fan. 

With travel restrictions all over the place and some personal circumstances going on we spent a lot of the summer staying locally, with relaxing weekends at Kierans mams caravan, and days out with Arthur. 

Shepherds Retreat The Sanderling, Beadnell NorthumberlandPIN IT

We had a brilliant weekend glamping up at Beadnell, which was a big highlight of the summer. The Shepherds Retreat hut we stayed in had a wood fired hot tub and was just perfect for us and Arthur. The weather was great so we spent a few days on the beach at Beadnell and exploring Bamburgh. We had some of the best food all year up there that weekend too. 

Shepherds Retreat The Sanderling, Beadnell NorthumberlandPIN IT

September didn’t really slow down either and we had a busy weekend for my birthday, with a trip to Manchester for dinner at the Ivy and to see one of Kierans favourite bands, and back up for a 30th celebration and then This is Tomorrow Festival to see Sam Fender. It was non stop but a lot of fun. 

We also finally got to Paris, a trip that was planned for over a year earlier for Kierans 30th that was rearranged so many times. I’m so glad we kept moving it until we could do it properly as it was just incredible. My favourite place we stayed at a beautiful hotel, had lunch at the Ritz, had dinner at Pink Mammas and wandered around the sights. It was fabulous.

October didn’t slow down either with two more weddings and a Christening for our friends twins. All really fun weekends celebrating with such lovely people. 

Halloween weekend was another glamping trip this time up to Cheviot Glamping, a totally different experience in an old container hut. I loved this trip as it was very chilled and much needed at the time. It was a great option for a glamp outside of the summer months I really enjoyed it. 

An Autumn Weekend At Cheviot Glamping, NorthumberlandPIN IT

November was very chilled, after having weekend plans basically since we were allowed to again. If was the calm before the storm as we’ve had a packed December with loads of plans. I’ve seen so many different groups of people, had food or drinks out catching up, enjoying the festivities, and a trip to York Christmas market. 

There isn’t one highlight from this month as i’ve just thoroughly enjoyed being able to do it all and throw myself into it after being locked down so much last year. That’s been how i’ve felt for a lot of this year – say yes to plans, go out with friends, make the most of life again even if it’s not quite normality still just yet. 


The pandemic has been a backdrop to it all of course, with worries and stress that comes with it, as well as other lows during the year as i’m sure we have all had. I really try to keep it positive across all my blog and instagram, and i know the end of the year can be a tough time for many. Remember it’s a highlight reel, and we’re all human at the end of the day with troubles and problems we are dealing with. 

My highlights show just how important family and friends are in my life, and on that cheesy note i’ll leave it there. As always a big thank you for following and supporting my blog and instagram, and all the brands i’ve worked with this year too.

Hope you have a lovely New Year’s eve whatever your plans are, and wishing you a very happy 2022! Happy New Year!!!


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