3 Beautiful UK Breaks On My Bucket List

If the past year has taught me anything it’s how much I’ve missed travel, and how much we took it for granted. We live in a beautiful world that has so much to explore and never ending possibilities of places to go. One thing I think we’ve all learned to appreciate is what’s available to us on our doorstep, and UK breaks have become more popular than ever before especially if it’s our only change to get away and a change of scenery for another year running.

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With modern technology, we can travel around the world even during lockdowns from our own homes, when travel reopens we will again be able to cross the world within hours, and there are wonderful places waiting to welcome us back. If I won £1million, I would undoubtedly spend it on travelling to see as many unique places as possible.

If money were no object I’d be staying in a New York suite for a big Apple city break, I’d enjoy a summer escape to an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, and I’d be jetting to Japan for those cherry blossom scenes in spring.

But, until the time comes when the world reopens, there are some wonderful sites in the UK that are pretty inviting too, and with prices soaring for staycations, a lottery win wouldn’t go amiss for UK breaks either. There are some gorgeous breaks to be had in good old Blighty, so here’s three that are top of my list that I wouldn’t mind splashing out on.

The Cotswolds

The largest area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales, the charming villages of the Cotswolds are very much somewhere I want to spend at least a week. And it’s not just the villages filled with their traditional thatched roof cottages or the walking trails through the hills. The historic city of Bath with it’s Roman hot spa built on the only hot springs in Britain, and Gloucester, known for it’s ancient cathedral and filming sight for Harry Potter.

The CotswoldsPIN IT
Image from Pixabay


The old school British holiday destination of years gone by, that has a surging popularity especially after the past year. I’ve heard so many stories from my mum and uncles about their road trips down to Cornwall with my grandparents when they were kids, but it’s never somewhere I’ve been due to just how far it is. The photos that come out of Cornwall along the coast in summer don’t even look like England, with beautiful scenic sea views and sandy beaches, not to mention being a haven for good restaurants.

UK Breaks CornwallPIN IT
Photo by Richard Norris – Pixabay

The Scottish Highlands

Before last summer Edinburgh and Glasgow were the only places I’d ventured to in Scotland. Both city breaks known for their culture and landmarks. I got the opportunity to explore the Scottish Borders last year and loved how scenic and beautiful it was. With castles at every turn it was a lovely drive, and prompted me to research further into Scotland.

There’s something very appealing about a scenic road trip, and with a natural landscape so vast and stunning as the Highlands, it’s definitely up there as somewhere I’d love to experience. Hotels are pretty good up there too, with five star castles and glamping opportunities to make the most of the great outdoors, quirky accommodation is never far away.

Scottish Highlands UK breakPIN IT
Photo by Ivor Bond – Pixabay

With no better time to be considering a UK break, they are the three places I’m tempted to visit this year. What about you? If money were no object and you can only stay in the UK where would you be heading?


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