Exploring the Benefits of Professional Car Servicing

Getting your car serviced might be an inconvenience, but it is an important aspect of car ownership, and it should never be neglected. Let’s explore some of the benefits of professional car servicing:

Offers You Peace of Mind

Regular services do a lot for your car – see below – but perhaps the biggest benefit of getting your car professionally serviced is something unseen and often unacknowledged. It’s all about peace of mind. At DAT Tyres you can get professional car servicing on local prices. Book a servicing plan online or call them here 020 8969 3030, and then take to the roads, knowing that your car is in as good shape as could be desired.

Lower Repair Costs

Regular services helps to catch and curtail small problems before they have time to grow into large issues. This instantly reduces your repair costs, sometimes to simply the service fee, sometimes just enough to cover replacement consumable parts. Either way, it is better to pay for a service than leave your car to deteriorate to the point that it cannot be used any longer.

Reduced Chance of Breakdown

Alongside the reduced repair costs, there is also reduced opportunities for breakdowns to occur, because the factors that would be causing the breakdowns are taken care of long before they get bad enough to have much of an impact on your car or your driving. Ensuring your car is always serviced by a professional – a mechanic fully versed in the ins and outs of your make and model of car – helps in this, as they will always use brand-specific parts, or alternatives that are approved for use by the manufacturer.

Better Performance

Regular servicing has another dual benefit too: it improves the performance of your vehicle, both ensuring that the physical moving parts work better, and getting you more miles per litre of fuel. This is because of simple physics – moving parts that have little friction wear less and provide more power for less energy consumption compared with moving parts that are stiff and abrasive.

Extended Vehicle Life

And all of the above benefits add up into an extended life for your car. Being a careful and conscientious driver ensures that you will take your car for regular services as well as driving sensibly and not taking unwise risks with your vehicle. And cars that have benefited from such care often last a very long time in great condition. You might say that it is the owner’s solicitude towards their vehicle that ensures it lasts a long time, but the fact that regular services are a feature on this solicitude definitely plays a part in the longevity of the vehicle!

Ensures You’re Legally Compliant

A final reason to ensure that you have your car serviced regularly by professionals, is to ensure that you are legally compliant while you are out and about on the UK’s busy road network. Did you know that the forty-odd items on the MOT test’s checklist are standards to which you car should always adhere? This is the case, and if you are pulled over by law enforcement and found to be in breach of any of these items, you are actually breaking the law, even if you have a valid and up-to-date MOT test certificate.

You can see, just from these few benefits that professional servicing provides you will better mental health, great safety on the road and many more reassurances, going well beyond the mere duty of basic maintenance that you owe to your vehicle.