Hello September

A transition month – Autumn wardrobe, back to school/work from summer, new seasonal restaurant menus, leaves falling, pumpkin spice (rank but I like the smell), and my birthday month. One of my most favourite times of year because I’m always ready for a breather after summer, I usually have my summer holiday planned for now once kids have vacated airports, and I like the noticeable change of seasons by the time I get back. It’s still a bit different this year, no big summer holiday planned but after the 6 weeks I’ve had I definitely need a breather.

Hello SeptemberPIN IT

I usually do an end of the week/month round up looking back, and I’ll definitely be mentioning some of the incredible times I’ve had, but I do feel like things are looking forwards. September is a month for looking ahead, even though it’s not January, or a Monday. I suppose it comes from the school year and starting fresh, and I always have fun plans to look forward to.

But before I can do that I can’t go any further without mentioning the past month. Two family weddings in August, both completely different and both just absolutely beautiful for two very special people. I’ve had the BEST time being bridesmaid at both of them, I keep reliving all the photos and wishing we could do them again. I mentioned my cousins in the last post, and we’ve just got back from the bank holiday in the Lakes where we celebrated my sisters.

Four days away, with the wedding on Saturday and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The venue was breathtaking, and it was so lovely to see family and friends some of whom we haven’t seen for far too long. I’m still on a high from the whole affair, even though I feel like death.

I’ve shared some of the details on this instagram post, didn‘t she look fabulous? Congratulations once again Mr & Mrs Lindsay.

We traveled down to the Lakes on Friday and I booked a paddle boarding session for Kieran and I on Lake Windermere before wedding fun began. It was absolutely beautiful out on the lake in the sun, just as much fun as when I did it on a hen do earlier in the year, except this time I jumped in. If you’re considering doing it and haven’t yet then definitely try it before it gets too cold. I can see the appeal of wild swimming when the surroundings are that beautiful.

Last weekend prior to the wedding Kieran and I spent a long weekend up in Northumberland, with two days at his mums caravan and three days in Beadnell glamping in a shepherds hut. The weather at the caravan just poured, it fully felt like winter but it was nice to switch off and relax with the rain pelting down and nowhere for us to be but the pub. Kieran was asked to be godfather to one of our friends twins which was so lovely, he’s proud as punch.

The shepherds hut we stayed at was just amazing and the weather improved so much it was back to feeling like summer.. That trip feels like a lifetime ago but I loved that break, with a hot tub, fire pit and glass roof for star gazing. I’ll share more on it separately but I came home after a few very wholesome days spent outdoors with salty hair, smelling of fire pit and thoroughly relaxed. We had a great time exploring the coast and Arthur was a dream.

You might have seen on instagram I did a Disaronno brunch with the work girls at Pitcher & Piano a couple of weeks ago. I’ve barely been out in Newcastle at all but that was a lot of fun. I have a few blog related activities coming up so I’m looking forward to those too.

So now it’s September and we have another busy month ahead. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping the last couple of days as new things are coming into the shops. We still have two weddings to go this year and having not needed to worry about outfits for the recent ones I’m starting to panic what to wear.

I’ve been upgrading my jewellery too, as I was sent some gorgeous rings by Daisy London – one gold and one silver. (Full transparency these were gifted products). I’ve worked with them before and I just love their jewellery. It’s so light so you barely notice you’re wearing it. They come beautifully packaged with some extra little details, a gorgeous brand. Have a look at the full Daisy London ring collection here.

There are more celebrations to come with birthdays, festivals, a trip to Manchester, and we might even finally get our trip to Paris. 3rd time lucky hopefully!

I’m pretty much back to feeling like normal I would say, back in the office a couple of days, a lot of weekend fun being had and a packed diary. We do however still need to find somewhere to live. People keep asking me and honestly you’ll know about it when we do.

Every time I wonder if it’s all too much I just think remember lockdown, and I don’t take any of it for granted. I love having all these plans!

Hello September, I am very ready for you.

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