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When it comes to jewellery, on a daily basis I always wear the same pieces. I have quite a big collection of silver, an average amount of rose gold, and I’m pretty light on the gold front. I will occasionally buy the latest trend costume jewellery, usually if I’m standing in line to pay at Toyshop or Outfit, but aside from that I prefer quality items that won’t grow old, that I’ll always wear and that mean something to me.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

Disclaimer: Ad – I was kindly gifted this necklace of my own choice by Daisy London.

All of my jewellery means something, either due to who bought me it, the occasion it was bought for, or what it actually is. I have an Eiffel Tower charm that just reminds me of one of the best city breaks Kieran and I went on, a globe charm for my love of seeing new places, a Tiffany necklace that my friends bought me for my 30th birthday, and a Tiffany set that my mum and dad bought for me when I got my A level results to name a few.

Jewellery makes an incredible gift, as it’s something you can always keep, which I suppose is why all mine means so much to me. When Daisy London contacted me and asked if I’d like to choose a piece from their new collection of women’s necklaces, the answer was obviously absolutely yes.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

Daisy London is a British jewellery brand that originated on Portobello Road in London, a street I love to wander early in the morning when it’s quiet and silent. Their ethos is everyday jewellery with meaning, where each item aims to compliment your own style wherever you are in the world.

Don’t let the image of the clutter and antiques of Portobello Road fool you into thinking the jewellery at Daisy London also matches this description. Where Portobello Road is crazy and mismatched, noisy and clunky, Daisy London jewellery is simple, beautiful, light and pretty.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

What they do have in common, is they’re a little bit different, which is why when choosing an item from Daisy London, I decided to bend my own strict jewellery rules and get something a little bit different.

Until last summer, I made a conscious effort to avoid seasonal jewellery, preferring pieces that I could wear all year round. I loved the gorgeous shell bracelets that were everywhere, and I wore mine to death, but I massively regretted not snapping up one of the starfish necklaces from the hotel gift shop when we were in Palma.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

That trip amazing in so many ways, it took me back to many happy childhood memories, as well as being somewhere new for Kieran and I. He loved it so much it’s where he’s chosen for us to go for his 30th birthday this year.

When I think of Palma I think of the hotel we stayed in, and how I felt after a day sunbathing, getting dressed up every evening to go out for wine and tapas. I hadn’t had a summer holiday in three years, and I’d forgotten just how good they make you feel, I felt the best I felt all year.

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That’s a really long winded way of telling you if you haven’t realised from the photos, that the piece of jewellery I chose from Daisy London was this stunning 18ct gold plated Isla Starfish necklace. Despite being a gifted item, I’m a firm believer that any collaboration I do should be genuine, and I’m absolutely over the moon to have this beautiful necklace that has so many reasons behind my choice.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

I love it, and intend to wear it through the whole of summer, especially in Palma.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago, in simple stylish packaging, but with a few extras thrown in. Scented sticks for a bit of luxury, a feminine print, and my favourite extra of all, the Daisy Times mini newspaper, which details the latest collection, the meaning behind it, and at the end the inspiration behind the promotional photo shoot in Marrakech.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

This mini travel guide to Morocco’s most sought after city, a place I am longing to go, covered bite size sections on food, culture, shopping and where to stay. Reading it I could literally imagine being there, and I think the thought process behind the creativity isn’t one that’s often shared in so much detail.

It felt much more personal, as each piece of jewellery should, and that’s how I know I’ll feel every time I wear this gorgeous little starfish necklace.

Disclaimer: Ad – I was kindly gifted this necklace of my own choice by Daisy London.

Daisy London jewelleryPIN IT

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