Things I’m Loving This Week 11th – 17th October

I know the new tier system that’s come into force in the Uk this week has been a problem for a lot of people, but I’ve actually felt quite positive about it. At least now for the north east the rule of 6 applies outside and in gardens where it didn’t before, and it cheered me up no end. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

As soon as it was announced my friends and I planned a day out to places with outdoor seating and heaters. My birthday drinks were cancelled thanks to the local lockdown so im finally getting to see them for belated celebrations next week and I’m so excited.

It might be October but there are a lot of bars that have heated outdoor seating so I’ve updated my old post that covers the ones in Newcastle here.

Pleased To Meet You NewcastlePIN IT

Last Sunday Kieran and I had a drink up at the Woodmans Arms in Whickham, they have a big new outdoor tent that’s fully heated too so it’s another choice for a drink or food. We were going to have Sunday lunch there but we ended up having to leave, but I think we will try get back soon as it was pretty cool.

As usual the starts of my weeks are pretty slow, and after last week binging Emily in Paris (see my thoughts here) I needed a new series. New is probably the wrong word as I’ve ended up going backwards and rewatching Gossip Girl from the start. I’m not sorry that I’m loving it.

I’ve shared some more posts this week on my trip to the Scottish Borders, including a review of my visit to Abbotsford House and a look at the four different towns I went to. I had such a good time up there I really would recommend it for a day out or a night or two away.

Jedburgh town centre, Scottish BordersPIN IT

On Friday I went up into Newcastle to do a bit of shopping and have a coffee in Cafe 21 at Fenwicks. The Christmas shop is in now and although we don’t yet have any idea how Christmas will be this year it still made me feel excited. 

I firmly believe it’s what you make of it and on that note as Edinburgh’s Christmas market has been cancelled (gutted about this) I’m trying out some home made mulled cider of my own this weekend in case I have to make my own all Christmas. 

We decided last minute to go up to the caravan in Northumberland on Friday when Kieran finished work. We took a car load of food and wine and went up there for a change and as always it was so nice to be somewhere different. The views are gorgeous, it was very cosy and I always love my morning walk with Arthur up there while Kieran gets the coffee on.

We had a chilled day yesterday before coming back to watch the football all afternoon. 

Today we are going out for Sunday lunch and some drinks, and overall I’m feeling a lot more positive than I have so I’m praying the north east doesn’t end up in tier 3 this coming week. I’m also going pumpkin picking this week which I can’t wait for. 

Have a great week! 


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