Things I’m Loving This Week – 4th -10th October

Not much through the week it has to be said, and it looks like even more restrictions are going to make it harder to get out and have any social interaction at all from next week. Great. Despite this there are some rays of light in a pretty boring week, especially once the weekend came along so here’s what I have been enjoying over the past 7 days.

Last Sunday Kieran was working and having decided Sundays are my new favourite day of the week I was pretty gutted not to be going out for Sunday lunch. So I decided to make one myself. I was at Asda for opening for all the stuff, and made my first solo Sunday roast. It was delicious if I do say so myself.

I took Arthur up for a walk along the quayside and we ended up having brunch at Horticulture. I loved the food I had with the girls one night and I’ve been meaning to go back through the day for a while. It was lovely washed down with a Red Snapper cocktail, and Arthur behaved himself too.

I’ve been to two new cafes this week, one in Heaton and one in Whitley Bay. I get my nails done on Heaton Road and spotted Fork in the Rose, the new cafe last weekend. I went back and had a coffee later in the week. It’s so cute, and as well as a cafe it’s a florist as well so all the plants are lovely to sit amongst, but they’re for sale too. The kitchen is opening properly this week too so pay them a visit soon, they were already quite busy.

Did & The Bear in Tynemouth have expanded out into Whitley Bay, with premises in Whitley Bay metro station. I went there on Thursday I think, for a coffee and bacon sandwich sitting in the outdoor terrace area. Another great addition at the coast, with food as good as the one in Tynemouth, and a really beautifully decorated courtyard with mirrors, lots of plants and even a mini waterfall. Inside looked good too, and I’d like to go back one evening when it’s more of a bistro than a cafe serving proper meals.

All the pumpkins are in the shops now we are into October, and although I actually have a reservation to go pick some on a farm in a couple of weeks, I bought a few small ones to decorate at home. Flowers are nice but I do like a pumpkin in Autumn and they last a lot longer. Along with my new autumn candles the place is quite cosy. I got all the ingredients for making mulled cider too, I was going to do it this weekend but think it might be one for next weekend if all the bars have to shut.

As you may have seen I’ve been hooked on Emily in Paris this week, watching the whole series in a day. I had to share some of my thoughts on it including the social media, the stereotypes and of course the Paris locations in a blog post yesterday. I cant wait for season 2.

Emily in Paris Locations Worth VisitingPIN IT

Kieran and I went to the pub on Friday night, and it was the busiest I’ve seen it for a while. I think people might be making the most of this weekend before places potentially close this week. We were discussing it as it’s so frustrating, I must have been to so many pubs, cafes and restaurants since they all reopened, and I’ve never once felt unsafe or like guidelines aren’t being followed.

I’ve done the track and trace everywhere, been with different people when we could, and never once been contacted to say there’s a problem and I need to isolate. None of the places I have been to feel unsafe, and they clearly aren’t unsafe or more would have closed. I know there are plenty people not following the rules and some bars aren’t either, and I have no sympathy if they’ve been shut down, but I do believe the vast majority are Covid secure and it’s such a shame if they have to suffer again.

Last night we went up to Barn on the Bay up in Northumberland, where we had a table for the two of us, and our friends had their own table too. I’m not going to lie it was good to see someone other than Kieran and Arthur for a few hours, even if we were at a distance.

Barn on the Bay is usually a wedding venue in the summer, but due to Covid they’ve reinvented themselves as a pop up bar where you can book to have ‘bubbles with your bubble’. I had a great night the venue was beautiful, and we had Prosecco, wine, gin, cocktails, baileys hot chocolate and wood fired pizza. I hope they can stay open a while longer.

Today we are going up to Whickham for Sunday lunch at the Woodmans Arms. I’ve seen so many people go there but I’ve never managed to get there myself yet. We’ve been invited for food and to see their new outdoor space so looking forward to that.

However you’re spending your Sunday have a good one!


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