Road Trip Reminiscing for Father’s Day

Family holidays have always been a big part of our family, even now at the age of 30 we have two planned for later this year. Growing up my sister and I were very lucky to have a holiday abroad every year, as well as short breaks and weekends away in the UK. It was all thanks to Nige that we could go to so many amazing places. You don’t even realise until you look back how many occasions, holidays and special events involve good old dad sat at the wheel, taking you to all these places, whether it’s a drive to the airport, a full on road trip, or even the day to day journeys in life. Car journeys are forgotten about, they’re hardly ever the ‘main event’ if you like, but it’s actually surprising when you put your mind to it how many you do remember, and why.



When the Car People asked me to get involved with their Father’s Day campaign, looking at memorable road trips with your dad, I really loved the concept, my only problem was which car journey to choose? There’s been so many.

The Early Years

Some of the earliest car journeys I remember are going to see grandparents in Yorkshire for the weekend. We would be picked up from school and go straight off to spend the weekend there, coming back on Sunday night to get ready for school. The journeys there were exciting, filled with eye spy, and the race to spot the local church that meant we were only five minutes away. The journeys back were always sad, not wanting to go back to school, but short lived as me and my sister nearly always fell asleep.



The Teen Years

I can’t remember how old I was, but there was one year where a group of my friends wanted to all go to Alton Towers. We must have been about fourteen, and because none of us could drive we were figuring out how long it would take us to save to pay for a mini bus and driver. My dad stepped up, hired us a van and drove us all there himself. The only condition was that I’d go on some of the rides with him. Not a problem.



Family Holidays

The funniest car journey we ever had as a family was the first time we went to Orlando, Florida. We were quite young so we stayed in a Howard Johnson hotel on International Drive for the first night after a long flight, before the drive to Disney World the next day. There was a pizza hut literally across the road, you could walk it in five minutes. To be ‘safe’ Nige decided to drive us. THREE HOURS LATER, a fortune spent on toll roads, two maps bought at service stations we got our pizza. No sat nav or GPS in those days. He’s never lived it down.




First nights out

It wasn’t all long car journeys or holidays that I relied on Nige for. When I started going out properly, he always said to me don’t ever get a taxi on your own, wherever the time if you’re left by yourself just ring me. God knows how many times he picked me up in the early hours, with me pretending not to have drank too much, or more than likely when I’d spent my taxi money on another cocktail.



Newcastle United

Week in week out Nige and I used to go to the match. From my first game at the age of about 5, to the semi finals and finals of the FA Cup (you can tell how long ago this was if you know anything about Newcastle United), and the less fun times of more recent years following the toon. In the car up to the stadium I would always ask do you think we will win? Back in the day the answer was always a convincing yes. It wasn’t always the case of course, but it was a conversation we had every time regardless. One of my favourite drives to a match was to Manchester for the semi final against Tottenham at Old Trafford. I was so excited mainly because we had a car flag sticking up from the roof, and the drive home was even better after we won. Sadly those car journeys are non existent these days!


Life Milestones

When it came to learning to drive, I would only go out to practise with my dad. Even when he came downstairs for the first attempt wearing a motorbike helmet thinking he was hilarious. He kept it on for most of the ‘lesson’ too!

Then of course there were the university drives, taking me to Leeds for fresher’s week, and picking me up again after three years there. Both TOTES emosh.



Nowadays  the tables have turned, Nige is coming up to retirement, and when he’s not giving his life to the NHS he enjoys nothing more than going to the pub, and is a frequent visitor of Dacantus on Grey Street, most of the time with me acting as taxi driver. He even sits in the back for maximum effect. After years of driving me and my family from A to B I can’t really complain about being designated driver for him now.



This idea by the Car People, to reminisce about memorable car journeys has really highlighted how much the little things in life really do matter, even years down the line when we’re all grown up. At first glance I didn’t think I could come up with so many road trips, and I’m sure there’s plenty more I haven’t even thought of. Share yours in the comments!


Happy Father’s Day Nige, thanks for all the trips down memory lane! All photos from the Fox Family Holiday Archive.


This post is in collaboration with the Car People, they asked me to join their campaign but I received no payment. 

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