September Round Up…

This one’s a bit different, mainly because you might have noticed that I didn’t actually blog in September. Well, two posts went live, but in general I had a month off. It wasn’t planned, but then it just kind of happened due to various things going on and a distinct lack of sleep which made anything productive go out of the window. I wasn’t a total recluse throughout the month, despite feeling like my actual 9-5 work took over my life, so here’s a quick round up of things. Mainly doing this because the thought of going an entire year and missing one monthly update makes me and my mild OCD feel pretty horrified.




Family trip to Florence

Booked over a year ago our family trip to Florence was the trip that took an absolute eternity to arrive, but it did at the start of September and we spent four days exploring the stunning Italian city. I loved it, especially the food, and having never been to Italy before it was every bit as amazing as I imagined. The pasta…mouthwatering. I’ll no doubt be doing plenty of posts about it in future but I’m currently in no rush. I couldn’t wait to tell you about the heart shaped pizza though, so that post has already gone out and you can read about our mission to find it here.


Gusta, Florence


The last pink Gucci in Italy…

When in Florence, I really wanted to visit the flagship Gucci store, which turned out to be pretty close to our hotel. I’d had my eye on the small for a while, but when I went the one on display was perfect and was actually the bigger size. The lady told me it was the last one in Italy, but having not planned for the size (and price jump) I left it at first and actually walked away. An hour later I was back begging her to take my money and hand over the beaut. Sometimes you have to be sensible with money but sometimes you have to just think fuck it. The softness of the pretty pink leather and the grey lining literally is so unreal I don’t regret it for a single second. It’s divine.


Gucci bag


The NBA’s

I attended the Northern Blog Awards as a finalist in the travel category. While I didn’t win, it was a really good night and I’m glad I went. I discovered some amazing new bloggers and vloggers to follow, and it was pretty cool to see how many are actually out there creating and embracing the opportunities that the online world can bring. You really don’t need to live in London to be successful at it. Some of my favourite’s were Katie of Come Down to the Woods and Amy of This Style Rocks. They’re interior instagrammers and all round hilarious women having a great time exploring their passion of home renovation and styling.


The Principal, Manchester


My bargain buy floor length last minute frock

It was a last minute panic what to wear, and having seen so many discussions on Twitter I realised people were going pretty formal! There were loads of floor length dresses about, and I got mine next day delivery from Missguided. I find stuff from there is either really good or really cheap looking. Hopefully you’ll agree this dress at the bargain price of 35 quid is one of the good items!


The Principal


The Principal, Manchester

The NBA’s were held at The Principal, Manchester, and the venue was incredible. I was also lucky enough to be given a complimentary stay there for the night of the event. I’ve written a full post on the stunning listed building and my experience staying there which you can read here. I wasn’t previously aware of the Principal hotel chain but it’s one that will be a ‘go to’ for the future in the UK, just like Malmaison and Sofitel.


The Principal, Manchester


It was my birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday messages, I spent the day driving back from Manchester, then to the Broad Chare for Sunday lunch. I don’t need to tell you again how amazing that place is, but it really is. They’re running Oktoberfest again this month so go check it out you won’t regret it!


Girls day out in Durham

I went to Durham for the day with my girls as part of my birthday celebrations, we got the train and enjoyed cocktails at the Champagne bar, followed by a mediocre meal at Fat Buddha. The service was pretty pants, but the food was good and cocktails were lovely too.




Oliver Bonas’ new store has had my life

Since I first went over August bank holiday the wind has blown me into Oliver Bonas on Acorn Road in Jesmond more times than I can count. I bloody love the place and one day that nest of tables in gold, silver and rose gold will be mine. So far I’ve bought a candle, some jewellery and the most unreal navy knitwear jumper for Autumn. It’s got everything a girl could possibly need and it’s so pretty!


Oliver Bonas


Homeless Street Art in Newcastle

You know when you’re lying in bed and can’t sleep and your mind goes off in all sorts of weird directions? Whenever it starts to get colder and especially rainy in Autumn and winter I always get into bed and think how grateful I am that I’m not homeless. It’s so awful to think how many people just don’t have a home and a warm bed to get into every night. I don’t know why but I always think it, and last week when I was in the centre of Newcastle I noticed the homeless street art that’s started popping up near Monument. You might have seen it, but basically the homeless people of Newcastle have started to put their feelings down on the pavement with chalk, little saying, little pleas for help or just general words of life advice. It totally got me when I saw it, so if you see it too then spare them some change.


Homeless street art


That’s all for now, I will hopefully be back properly soon as I’ve had loads of emails the past week for upcoming projects. Thanks for still reading even with the distinct lack of content, my views have barely dropped! I wasn’t going to mention it, buttttttttt, I’ve changed my mind and added this sentence now everything has calmed down at work. I got a promotion to Social Media Manager. It only took 28 years figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, over £20grand of student debt, a few more top up qualifications, 2 years as an exec and recently a month and a half of uncertainty but I’ve got there. It’s never too late to figure out what you want to do in life as long as you stick at it – see life at 30!

Have a great October! x





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