Sunday Catch Up

Well it’s been a minute hasn’t it. Cant remember the last time I took a month off blogging, and it wasn’t planned but as much as I hate to admit it, probably needed. There is literally no dramatic reason, life has just happened again once retail and outdoor hospitality reopened, I started my new job, and it’s been quite nice. Here’s what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up.

I have basically spent all of my weekends catching up with people I’ve not seen in too long, and enjoying being able to go out again. We’ve had tables booked every weekend, and if I’m honest I’m bloody knackered! 

We went up to Amble to meet our friends newborn twin boys, which was just incredible. While we were up there six of us went for Sunday lunch and a few drinks at the Mason. Thankfully the babies don’t count towards table numbers. 

Masons Arms WarkworthPIN IT

Kieran and I had a day out in town ourselves, we went to Leila Lily’s which I loved. Their set up is great and the food was so good – we both had the open steak sandwich. After Leilas we went to Muddler, I can’t wait to visit indoors when they reopen and have the full menu back. They’ve expanded inside so it should be easier to get a booking. 

We also went to Nitehawks, the tiny bar next to the Theatre Royal that’s delivered one of the biggest beer gardens with a view right up and down Grey Street. It’s a great walk in spot and the staff are on the ball. 

The first May bank holiday was a busy one, I went with my sister to collect her wedding dress. It was sad last year not being able to be there when she chose it, as she could only have one person with her so Viv went, but it was lovely to finally see it. We went for some drinks to celebrate after.

On the Sunday I had lunch with the girls booked at Allards on the fish quay – who have a very good sheltered and heated terrace upstairs. The food there is probably my favourite at the coast, and we followed it up with a visit to Platform 2 in Tynemouth station. 

Allards tapasPIN IT

So I feel like I’ve spent every weekend drinking and hungover, and as much as I love being out again I’m knackered. I’m trying to have a break before the next bank holiday in May – but we’ll see.

I’ve now been in my new job a full month, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s so nice to be in an office again and amongst people all week. I forgot how much I love Gosforth too, there’s so many places on the High Street, it’s nice to have lunch options as there was absolutely nothing at the port. We could even go for after work drinks again – it’s little things like that I missed a lot the past year. 

I was very ready for a change in role and I’m enjoying working on social media for new brands. I’ve got a blog coming this week about careers in social media, and how to get there. I’ve also written a guest blog for The Wedding Taylor on mini moon suggestions, which I’ll share once it goes up.

The only tv I’ve had time for is gogglebox and Line of Duty. I actually quite liked the final episode, I thought it was very realistic and as much as we might have hoped for a Dot Cottan style ending it was still well done. 

I am going to end by being very typically British and talk about the weather – because what is going on please?! My plans yesterday were cancelled because of it which I’m annoyed about as I was supposed to see my cousin for the first time in months, but the wind and rain made it impossible to sit outside anywhere. 

Very much hope that improves soon as I’m ready to stop wearing all my winter clothes. And roll on 17th May when we can meet people indoors. My tables are booked. 

And normal blog service is resumed from now.

Have a good week! 

Leila Lily’s Grey streetPIN IT

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