Things I’m Loving This Week 10th – 16th January 2021

Later than usual today as we’ve made the most of the bright weather and been for a walk along Tynemouth beach – for a change but it doesn’t really get old. Two weeks down of January and lockdown, and I feel like it’s starting to take it’s toll a bit. My week definitely got better as it went on though so here’s what I’m loving this week.

With Nige away in Carlisle doing a full weekend of work down there (fully vaccinated now -yay!) my sister and I decided to arrange a virtual afternoon tea with viv for Sunday afternoon. Having loved the Jesmond Dene house takeaway afternoon tea before Christmas, and it’s closest to travel to for us to collect we went with that one. It was just as good as ever and it was a nice afternoon for the three of us to catch up and enjoy our sandwiches, scones and cakes. 

If you need something to do for a change this was a great way to catch up with people you don’t live with and can’t see, but more than just all sitting on zoom. We got those mini bottles of Prosecco too and had a drink with it. If you’ve not seen yet Jesmond Dene House are doing a valentines edition in February which looks delicious too. 

I’d had my list of local businesses to support ready to share for a long time, and I finally got the post finished and up at the start of the week. There are some amazing businesses on there so if you’re looking for something different or unique take a look. 

Trying to fill the Netflix gap of Bridgerton has been tough. I’m still reading the book which is great but I get so invested in these tv shows and there’s always a big void when I finish them (this is what my life has become).

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Kieran and I got into the Night Stalker this week and watched all four episodes. If you like documentaries about serial killers then give it a go – he is quite possibly the creepiest one yet. His crimes are obviously horrific, but his eyes are just deadly. We were hooked by it, but we did have to watch gogglebox after before we went to bed. We’ve also been enjoying the new episodes of Worlds Toughest Prisons too. 

The announcement of a new SATC series is quite exciting, until you realise Samantha won’t be in it. I just can’t see where the drama is going to come from, as aside from the fashion she made the whole show. I’ll definitely be watching it though. 

I wrote my second blog of the week for myself as much as anyone – on how to get some motivation back as I don’t know about you but it was seriously plummeting this week. I felt so bored most of the time which isn’t like me at all. It must have worked as I definitely perked up later in the week. 

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I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up for things as all too often over the last year we’ve been let down, but I am really enjoying planning our Paris trip. We have the flights and hotel booked, both covered if we have to change the dates, and everything else I’m just planning ready to book or make reservations when we know if we can definitely go. 

It has really cheered me up because even if we don’t go the weekend we have booked, we will just move it. It’s a reminder of what the future holds and I can’t wait. 

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We aren’t flying with them but Jet 2 have discounted flights at the moment, if you’re confident or have good insurance then like I always say there’s no harm in looking…

Which is what I also tell myself about some of the high end spring collections coming into my inbox. My luxury gift guide was one of my most viewed blogmas posts and I don’t often talk about my taste for bags I can’t really afford, but the new LV collection is incredible. A lottery win would be lovely right now!

I’ve never personally bought a pre owned bag but it is becoming more common for people to sell on their luxury goods. I’ve recently been enjoying this Instagram account – every Friday she shares bags and accessories for sale that fashion bloggers no longer want. I don’t agree with the whole idea of fashion bloggers buying a load of stuff and sending most of it back once they’ve taken photos, as it kind of defeats the point in my opinion, but I think it’s great they’re selling things on to someone who will use them. 

It also means you can get luxury items in excellent condition at a slightly discounted price. It’s worth a follow.

This weekend Kieran’s had the full weekend off so it’s been nice to have some lockdown company, and we had takeaway sushi last night from Nudo. It’s always so good from there and very reasonably priced. 

Today we’ve had a productive day so far, with a long walk along the beach with Arthur, hot chocolates from Allards and now on the sofa with a G&T ready for the match this afternoon. I was very excited to find blood oranges back in the shops now they’re in season – delicious with a blood orange or Tanqueray Seville orange gin.

My week is going to look a little different this week, but more on that later. It’s finally January pay day though which I’m desperate for as there’s a few bargains about in the January sale. Will share when I get them! 

Have a great week. We are half way through January the end is getting closer! 

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