Things I’m Loving This Week 20th – 27th June

It’s been a really crazy week mainly for personal reasons, but amongst all the chaos I’ve still enjoyed a number of things – food related obviously! So here’s what I’ve been loving this past week.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we went to the Broad Chare for Sunday dinner. If you’ve followed a while you’ll know it’s my absolute favourite one in Newcastle. They’ve recently opened a beer garden outside in the little courtyard so we had a drink there before and after our food. It’s really nice and sheltered. The food as always was perfect.

Afterwards Kieran and I went to Bar Luga terrace for some drinks, and ended up staying there in the sun for the afternoon. It’s fast becoming my favourite spot up there for summer afternoons and a bottle of wine.

I always love seeing people’s posts on days like that. I know it can be a hard day for some as well. I can only speak for myself personally when I say I have more appreciation for Nige than ever after the past year, as I’m sure everyone does for their own or whoever is a father figure to you. Through every single worry whether that’s been job related, house related, Covid, money, or just general life stresses he steps in and makes it easier. 

Monday was Kierans birthday so we were both off work, and went back to Fenwick’s rooftop for a drink, before dinner at Muddler. The rooftop now has a retractable roof, and they offer blankets as it was a bit breezy. We ordered some nibbles and take a look at the size of the olives they were bloody huge! 

Muddler food was unreal too, I can’t get over how good their sushi is. The service is always slow but if you go expecting that it really doesn’t matter. The food more than makes up for it.

Muddler SushiPIN IT

On Tuesday it was the England game, and we had a table at Beach Box for it which turned into another good night. They do a half time quiz and we came second so won three pitchers. The atmosphere was good and obviously an England win. I’m quite enjoying the euros although I doubt England will be in it much longer…here’s hoping though. 

The rest of the week has been a lot of life sorting, there’s so much going on at the moment and coming up. It’s really worrying just how many people are being contacted to isolate again – I hope it all calms down before the next government review because I have a very busy couple of months coming up with exciting events. 

I received a lovely delivery last week from Ottoman Hands jewellery. You might have seen them in Vogue, Cosmo or Look magazine but they’re a jewellery brand that do quite bold pieces. Their gold range is fabulous, and when they asked me if I’d like to choose a piece I thought I’d go for something I wouldn’t usually. 

I got this gorgeous Riva Pearl and turquoise beaded necklace – so summery and can be worn both casual or dressed up. If you’re looking for something a bit different or a unique gift take a look at their full necklace range here.

It would be lovely to wear on a beach somewhere but the travel situation is quite frustrating isn’t it? I’m still holding out hope we will get to Paris but the green list isn’t exactly getting any bigger very quickly. If not we will have to move it to later in the year again but I’m desperate to be leaving the country for a change.

If you’re heading to Mallorca now the Balearics are green then take a look at some of my blogs on Palma – one of my favourite places with some incredible boutique hotels and food options. 

Things to do in Palma MallorcaPIN IT

This weekend we’re having a chilled one. We went to Kith & Kin yesterday for lunch – somewhere I really missed sitting in. Kieran had the shakshuka and I had a kind of build your own with sourdough, avocado, poached egg, feta and bacon. So good. I think I’ve actually visited nearly all my favourite food places in the North East this week without realising it. 

Looking ahead to the next week we are fully on the house hunt – the situation with our flat has been the death of me but I’m staying positive we find somewhere very soon. I feel like it’s taken over my life lately and I’m trying to juggle everything and everyone, it’s just not doable so apologies if I’ve neglected anyone. 

The guilt is real when I don’t have time to text people back, or haven’t messaged people I would usually speak to all the time, or want to say no to plans but feel bad, or need to try and be upbeat for occasions especially ones I’ve looked forward to for so long. This weekend has very much been a rest one to try and recharge because I’m the first to preach it to anyone else. Arthur looks how I feel…

Things I’m loving this week 27th JunePIN IT

Coming out of Covid is bringing its own stresses, so look after your mental health folks. God knows I’m trying to.

Have a great week! 

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