Things I’m Loving This Week – 17th-23rd January 2021

There were big changes for me this week, that I couldn’t mention in last weeks post but after a long time, I am finally back to work. Last week I was struggling a bit, despite my best efforts to stay positive I was found this January lockdown getting more boring by the day, so I was thrilled when I was told I was going back. It’s gave much more structure to my week, but as I’m just part time for now I’ve not been thrown right back in too deep, and I still have my afternoons free.

Things I’m Loving 23rd January 2021PIN IT

It’s made such a difference to my mood, as I feel like I have a purpose again and in general I’ve been a lot more organised. I’ve had some lovely messages and calls with colleagues who I haven’t spoken to for so long, as well as some who I’ve spoken to throughout this entire ordeal so I’ve felt hugely positive about it.

I’ve made the most of afternoons off by going on walks with Arthur, the beach is just beautiful at the moment with blue skies and bright sun despite how cold it’s been. I know I keep saying it but I will never take living at the coast for granted.

Of course Netflix has still filled part of my week, I started Bling Empire at the start of the week and was instantly hooked. The name put me off last weekend but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and it was everything I needed it to be. I absolutely adore Anna I think she’s amazing. As much as I love her, I can not bear Andrew. What an absolute twat.

I’ll leave it there so as not to spoil it for anyone wanting to watch, but argh god he boils my blood.

Some of the best news so far of 2021 came yesterday when Bridgerton was renewed for a second season. Filming is apparently starting in spring so I really hope they don’t wait until the end of the year to release it, the hype is strong now so just give the people what they want. It’s like Lady Whistledown is the Gossip Girl of London’s high society and I am absolutely here for it.

With starting work again I’ve not quite finished the book, but I should do this week. I’m not going to read the second book before the next series to make sure I avoid the spoilers. Very unlike me but there you go.

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The US inauguration was one of the biggest events of the week, and I really enjoyed watching it despite some of the cheesyness that came with it. Highlights for me were the Obamas, the young poet, Kamala Harris and Joe Bidens speech as he left Delaware to make his way to the White House.

The poem that Amanda Gorman wrote and read was just so clever. She really reminded me of Halsy and her Inconvenient Woman poem a while back, both women doing great things for women and their country.

What I loved more than anything though was Chrissy Tiegan’s Instagram post about Donald Trump. As always she was spot on. I thought it was the best thing about the entire Trump demise, and then Melania went and did her thing when they got off the plane in Florida. Amazing.

Yesterday was my favourite day of the week, I just feel like I did Saturday well. I’d had a couple of pick me up FaceTime calls with friends on Thursday and Friday, had a good nights sleep, washed my hair and made fresh coffee in our new cafetière. It really is the little things at the moment.

For dinner last night Kieran and I had a steak night, made at home with a bottle of wine and some good sides to go with it. I’ve been doing the 5.2 diet and so far since 4th January I’ve lost 8lbs which I’m really chuffed about, so this felt like a well earned treat.

I also tried some of the Good Tempered Chocolate Company for the first time – wow that stuff is so good. It tastes different to the standard chocolate bars you get at the shop, so I’d really recommend trying it as the different flavoured slabs are just incredible. I had some with my coffee yesterday morning and it took all my willpower not to eat all four slabs in one go.

Things I’m Loving 23rd January 2021PIN IT

As I’ve done every new season I’ve updated the throws we have on the sofa. My new buffalo check black and white one arrived through the week and it’s perfect for keeping warm on these frosty days and dark nights catching up on the Attenborough documentary. I’m currently fighting Arthur for it all the time.

Things I’m Loving 23rd January 2021PIN IT

He is a dream by the way. Every week when I sit down to write this Sunday post and ask myself what I’ve loved about the week he is always the first thing to enter my head. He gets more affectionate every day and just wants cuddles all the time. He’s never left my side the entire way through furlough, I really don’t think I’d have got through it without him. The same applies now I’m back to work. He just lies on my feet or on my knee all day.

As we head into the last week of January at least we can begin to see the end of the month. I’ve pre ordered a takeaway treat for next Saturday, which is a bit different but I can’t wait for it. I feel like I’m appreciating weekends again now I’m back to work so it’s nice to make the most of them.

Despite how long January may seem, we are almost through it so stay positive this week. Another week closer to normality.

Things I’m Loving 23rd January 2021PIN IT

I’ve decided to bring back my travel blogs from this week, starting with a travel blog every Tuesday. Although we don’t know what’s coming for travel this year I don’t want to stray too far from what I’ve always shared and I have plenty waiting in the wings after learning a lot through Instagram polls, the virtual travel posts I did last year, and sharing the odd throwback on my feed. I’ve learned it’s not just me hoping we get to enjoy new places this year and a LOT of people want a beach holiday!

A Guide to visiting Amalfi, ItalyPIN IT

If the travel posts aren’t for you that’s absolutely fine, there will still be the lifestyle and north east posts on other days, and this ramble on every Sunday.

Enjoy your day of rest, and have a great week!

P.S with only 2 episodes of Bling Empire left I need a new Netflix show so send recommendations!


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