Things I’m Loving This Week 9-15th August

Well I have to say this last week has been pretty good. It’s true that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content and that’s how I started my week off last Sunday with a day out to Corbridge. 

Things I’m Loving This week

We drove over with Arthur and despite the grey forecast it turned out to be a really hot day. We took Arthur for a walk along the river track and back, before wandering up into the village. A potter about, window shopping, a stop by the Pele tower and finally to pick up some sausage rolls and pie from the bakery for lunch.  It was a proper Sunday out followed by a nap on the sofa what more could you want. 

Things I’m Loving This week

I’ve been busy with my blog this week, with a couple of new campaigns landing in my inbox and one I’m really excited about, that I can share in a couple of weeks time. 

I also went up to Amble to help one of my friends set up her new blog, it’s going to be gorgeous and I’m so excited for her. I love it when people decide to take the plunge with something creative like that. Nobody ever regrets it and if you have a passion for it then your only regret will be not doing it sooner. I’ll be sharing it when it goes live so you can see how fabulous it is. 

Instagram decided to launch their answer to Tik Tok last week with the introduction of Reels, and although I’m not Tik Tok’s biggest fan this I can get onboard with. I love how quick the whole industry changes, and ive been playing about with them on my own profile. I also finished some courses I started during lockdown, because it’s an area that if you don’t stay up to date you’ll just get left behind. My Instagram guide for bloggers and small businesses is coming along nicely too, hoping for a September launch. 

The highlight of my week has to be the Sam Fender socially distanced gig. It was just so good in every aspect, I’m a big fan of the personal viewing platforms and I loved the whole night. I wrote about my experience here if you’re considering getting tickets to one of the events give it a read. 

Socially Distanced Gig In Newcastle

I also discovered that I spent a few hours at Horticulture last week and didn’t realise they have one of the biggest selection of espresso martinis, with over 40 flavours on their menu. We had a table booked for a drink before Sam Fender and I can confirm that they are excellent. I just got a vanilla flavour as that’s my favourite but I think I’ll get more adventurous next time. 

Things I’m Loving This week

The day after Sam Fender was a write off. We were fully hungover, lay on the sofa and ordered a greasy takeaway. During the height of lockdown we always said we wouldn’t complain about a hangover again, and despite feeling a bit worse for wear I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. 

My time hop told me this week that it’s been one year since Kierans Mam brought Joey home to his forever home. He was 15 weeks when they got him and his first family had to give him up because their older dog rejected him. He is the softest most lovable splodge pug you will ever meet and he’s absolutely lush. We went for a walk yesterday with him and Arthur and he’s just so hilarious, when he can’t be bothered anymore he just lies down and wants to be carried. 

Things I’m Loving This week
Arthur & Joey

And that pretty much sums up my week. I’m off to a new place on the fish quay today, we have a spa night to look forward to and a weekend at the caravan coming up so looking forward to this one too. 

Have a great week!

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