Things I’m Loving This Week…or Month?!

What’s this? An actual blog post for the first time in a month and a half? That’s right, it’s been a while. July was a really tough month for so many reasons but feeling like my heads coming back above water again now so here we go again.

I won’t go into too many details, and I know life’s been a struggle for so many but that’s basically the reason the blogs been neglected. I just couldn’t keep up with it as well as everything else going on. We had to move out our flat at very short notice, we had a very sad circumstance that hit hard, and it’s just been a lot of life all at once.

Shout out to all the friends and family who have helped, understood when a text back came very late if at all, or plans got cancelled, and in general helped and supported us during a turbulent time. 

I’ve had a few people say how fun my life looks so this is your reminder that Instagram is a shop window. I’ve had some great times over the last six weeks too, but there’s some things you share and some things you don’t. I’m definitely living for the weekends. 

So since I last tapped away on this keyboard I’ve been to two hen dos and one wedding weekend. Times like those really have been incredible especially after so long and I’ve appreciated them more than ever. 

I’ll start with the hen do in the Lakes which was the first time all the girls had been back together properly in a very long time. I think we were in disbelief it could happen but it did and it was unbelievable. We drank too much, had BBQs, did a themed Ibiza night, went paddle boarding which was a lot of fun, watched the World Cup final and in general just had the best time.

It was the wedding last weekend and again just the most amazing weekend all together with life feeling very normal again. Not to mention how stunning the whole wedding was and being bridesmaid for my cousin. I’m deliberately skipping through all the details and events that have been happening but honestly it was just fabulous.

Of course Kieran and I have still managed plenty of restaurant visits, and some very good food was had at places like Kaltur, Lobo Rojo, Kith & Kin and the Ahar. 

Just this Friday gone we went to Geisha and that was excellent food too I might do a review on there. I’m sometimes aware that I bang on about how good all this food is and does it actually sound believable? The answer is really simple – it actually is. I’d say if it wasn’t! 

A couple of weeks ago we had a small get together for my sister before she gets married very soon. She didn’t want a big hen do and I had a very specific brief on what she wanted, so I booked the private dining room at Branches, and decorated it out with balloons from Imaginarium Balloon Studio. 

We had a set menu and the food there was also worth shouting about. It was great for an occasion and making more of a meal out – something a bit different. I can’t wait for that wedding either!

We have some time to chill over the next week or so, I’ve booked us a Glamping trip that I can’t wait for. We’re heading up the Northumberland coast with Arthur, and I plan to sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine for most of it. 

Today I’m going for a Sunday morning coffee, and then watching the toon match. I think that’s life caught up, hopefully normal service will resume on here as I have missed it. Have a great week! 


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