Things I’m Loving This Week 4th – 10th April

Ever feel like the four day week after a bank holiday seem twice as long and not shorter? That’s what I felt like this week I was a day ahead all week, but it was still a pretty good one for a number of reasons. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

The main thing for me this week has been that I started my new job, and it was so nice to be back into a proper routine and able to work from the office. It’s flexible so I can work from home too which is great, and I think more and more companies will do the same post pandemic.

My new colleagues have been so nice, I‘ve really enjoyed being in the office and having people around me for conversation again. Also thanks to all my lovely friends and family for the good luck messages too.

After a few weeks of doing 5.2 diet more for maintenance than anything, I started it up properly again and I’m back on my way for another 5 lbs off the stone I already lost which was my goal at the start of January. More than that though I think I’ve actually stuck with the lifestyle change for the first time ever.

I feel better in myself than I have in a long time, in terms of my diet, work and not being stuck in the house by myself for hours on end so that’s definitely a positive.

Edited* Since I originally wrote this post I’ve seen the news of Nikki Grahame. So I’m very conscious of talking about ‘diets’ here for anyone who might be reading that could be triggered by it. I talk about my own personal experiences in these weekly posts, so I’ve left those paragraphs in but of course for anyone trying to alter their lifestyle, food choices or anyone who suffers with any eating related disorder or mental health concerns, obviously please always refer to official sources. 

I was really sad to read about Nikki Grahame. She was the golden era of reality TV before it became a ‘thing’, and I thought she was hilarious. There was never a more entertaining character on Big Brother, and it’s so sad that she lost her battle with anorexia. My all time favourite clip…

One blog made it to the ‘publish’ button this week, I pulled together a list of local breweries and bottle shops in Newcastle that sell local craft beers, ales, wines and spirits. There are so many more than I thought so if you’re interested have a browse of the list to find your nearest one.

Breweries & Bottle Shops In NewcastlePIN IT

I’ve had a really good weekend this weekend, we had a steak dinner on Friday night, and yesterday we pottered around locally going to a few shops – the ones that are open anyway and it got me really excited for next week. I can’t wait to get back into Fenwicks, my favourite shop and to not have to constantly buy everything online.

I’m also so excited for the pubs and bars to reopen, even though it’s outside only. It’s been SO LONG, especially for us up North having been put in Tier 3 back in December, meaning it was actually October the last time any of us could eat out. Our local has put up a tent and fire pits to expand their beer garden, so we’ve got tables booked there for this week, and I’ve got plans with some ex work colleagues, and of course my girls too.

If the snow could piss off that would be great…

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed the sport, football and then the Grand National. I was very pleased to see the first female jockey win it, especially as I backed her! 

As much as I’ve had a good week, I was obviously very sad when the news broke of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. I’ve watched a lot of the tribute programs to him, and he lived an incredible life. Whatever you think of the Royal Family, he was married to the Queen for 73 years and it makes me sad to think of her alone at Windsor Castle now. A fabulous couple. Rest in peace Prince Philip.

I’ll leave it there for this week, have a great one with shops, hairdressers and beer gardens open again. I can’t wait and know all my friends in those areas are really excited to get back to work and open again. Good luck!


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