Treetop Golf at Metrocentre is One of Newcastle’s Best First Date Spots

If you’re looking for a way to ditch the boring first date routine, then you need to head over to Treetop Golf at the Metrocentre! A relationship expert has recently declared mini golf the best first date idea, helping you ditch the awkwardness for genuine giggles and maybe even a bit of romance.

Treetop Golf Metrocentre
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Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration

Treetop Golf learned that a few rounds of mini golf can transform a first date into a relaxed, playful experience that makes awkward silences a thing of the past. The focus shifts from trying to look your best to simply being yourself and having a good time.

James, Head of Marketing at Treetop Golf, backs this up:

“Dates are the biggest reasons guests join us in our rainforests. Whether that’s the first date or the 100th. Our environment allows guests to enjoy a shared experience where they can be themselves.”

Even relationship expert Kate Mansfield is all for mini golf dates:

“We get so caught up in the pressure to impress that we forget what dating’s all about – having fun and connecting on a real level. Mini golf takes seriousness out of the equation and focuses on genuine laughter and playful moments. It’s a really healthy way to start a relationship.”

Treetop Golf Metrocentre
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Why’s Mini Golf at Treetop Golf Such a Great First Date?

● Say Goodbye to Awkwardness: No more staring across the table at a posh restaurant! Mini golf keeps you moving and focused on the game. Embrace those goofy fails and build a fun connection that’ll have those nerves melting away.

● It’s All About the Fun: Relaxed dates like mini golf put everyone at ease and let the sparks fly without the pressure. No awkward small talk, just pure fun.

● Bring on the Competition: Ace or beginner, it doesn’t matter! A bit of rivalry adds playful energy and shows your date how you handle the highs and lows.

● Just Be Yourself: Mini golf brings out your authentic side. Can your date handle a bit of friendly fighting talk? Are they encouraging even when you miss a shot? These little moments reveal a lot!

Treetop Golf Metrocentre
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Ace Your Mini Golf Date at Treetop Golf

“For a great first date, choose a spot with a cool, fun and relaxed atmospher

e,” suggests Kate. “Interesting decor, themed holes, and good music make it a memorable experience. If the date goes well, you can go for a victory (or commiseration) drink afterwards – it’s the perfect way to keep the conversation flowing!”

James, Head of Marketing at Treetop Golf, said: 

“It’s no surprise that mini golf has been deemed such an ideal first date. No two shots are ever the same, and that unpredictability keeps the joy going for 18 holes. Plus, what’s better than totting up the scores over a slice of pizza and a cocktail?”

Relationship Expert’s Seal of Approval

Kate Mansfield puts it perfectly:

“Mini golf is a really enjoyable activity that doesn’t matter if you’re fantastic or terrible. Ultimately, it will always trigger laughter, and that releases feel-good hormones. Competition also sparks attraction, and shared experiences build a foundation for potential love. It’s a winning combination for a first date!”

So, swap the uncomfortable heels or dress shoes for comfy sneakers and golf clubs because mini golf might just be the first step to finding the one.