July 2019 Monthly Round Up

When I look back at some of the things I did at the beginning of July it feels like a lifetime ago. I had so much on I had to turn down a lot too, which always annoys me but sometimes you just can’t do it all. My month finished with a much needed break that if you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen.

July 2019 round upPIN IT

More on Palma in a bit, as my July began with a 6am flight to Oslo, where I spent four days on a work trip. I’ve only ever been to Oslo in the winter, when it’s absolutely freezing and covered in snow constantly, and I was so pleasantly surprised.

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It’s a really beautiful city in summer, and with only four hours of darkness a day I had very light nights to enjoy it after work. I did get a horrible cold early on in the trip so made the most of my quirky hotel room, but the further nights I had a good explore. I’ve only ever blogged about Oslo in winter so I’ll do a summer version soon.

I did eat at a really cool app restaurant on my last night, where you order everything through an app. I wrote about Pincho restaurant and what I thought of it in this blog post.

Pincho Nation, OsloPIN IT

Despite being knackered when I got back from Oslo, I went straight to the Ghetto Golf launch at Hoult’s Yard. We had such a good night playing a round of crazy golf, eating, drinking and laughing at the different themed sections of the 18 hole course. Read my full review of Ghetto Golf Newcastle here, I’ve already booked to go back with work and some friends.

Ghetto Golf NewcastlePIN IT
Ghetto Golf Newcastle

That weekend after Oslo and Ghetto Golf, was one of my favourites of the whole month. We were invited to Westfield House Farm and Shepherd Huts up in Northumberland for the weekend and it really was incredible. Our hut was called Eyebright and it was absolutely gorgeous. Have a read of my full Westfield House Farm hut stay here.

Westfield House Farm Shepherd's hutsPIN IT

We had the most relaxed weekend and it was just what I needed, with the exception of lighting the camp fire…. We did it though and had such a good time glamping and enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re keen to try it I really would recommend Westfield House Farm huts. Our stay was gifted but I’m planning on returning for a winter break myself now anyway.

Westfield House Farm Shepherd's hutsPIN IT

Before returning home we spent the Sunday in Amble, for Sunday dinner and a big fat ice cream from Spurellis. The Boathouse up there has been renovated and looks really nice, so I want to try get back there soon before it gets freezing again.

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As always food and drink dominated my time in Newcastle, and I had a day out with Viv for cocktails one Saturday afternoon. We went to Pleased To Meet You and I’m still not sure people realise they’ve done out their outside area out the back.

July 2019 round upPIN IT

I also enjoyed food at Revolution de Cuba, the Botanist and Bealim House where I hadn’t been for ages. We got some of the tapas in preparation for Mallorca and they were really good. It’s easy to forget it’s there but always enjoy it when I go.

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Newcastle Pride was in the middle of July, and I was invited to Jalou to try their limited edition Pride cocktails on the Friday night. I took my lovely friend Charlotte along with me and we tried a good few of them, and had a long overdue catch up.

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My second work trip of the month took me to Amsterdam, but just for one night this time. I hadn’t been to Amsterdam in over a year which is weird considering how much I’ve been in the past.

July 2019 round upPIN IT

It was so nice to wander among the canals, despite how hot it was, and enjoy the city centre again. I found the Polaberry shop and obviously had to buy a unicorn cake pop. I’ve written a full review of the Polaberry shop and other novelty deserts here.

Polaberry AmsterdamPIN IT

Despite the heatwave, I found myself at a Christmas event last week, for Tyneside Cinema. Their Christmas showcase was really interesting as they’ve pulled out all the stops to make watching Christmas films a bit different. My blog post on Tyneside Cinema and all the Christmas events you can now book will be live tomorrow.

July was a month of anniversaries for me, as I realised it was 10 years since I graduated from Leeds, and my blog turned 4. Or maybe 3 I can’t remember! Anyway I wrote this post on my 9 favourite things that I’ve done since I graduated.

9 Of The Best Things I’ve Done Since I GraduatedPIN IT

And finally, I actually got to go to Newcastle airport for a trip that wasn’t for work. Kieran and I spent four days in Palma last weekend and it was honestly amazing. I think its a massively underrated destination, it has everything from city life, to beaches, beautiful boutique hotels and incredible food. I’ll be sharing lots more on Palma in the coming weeks.

I do have the holiday blues, but it’s not long until our main holiday of the year to Sorrento. I’m off to London this weekend for bridesmaid dress try on and brunching with my cousins, it’s Newcastle restaurant week next week, and I have visits to Copenhagen and Lithuania to squeeze in too.

Have a great August!


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