Polaberry, The Best Desert In Amsterdam

Adorably cute, and perfectly instagrammable they may be, but the chocolate dipped strawberries from Polaberry taste even better than they look. Which is saying something. These creative treats first hit my radar a couple of years ago, as I’ve followed the girl who came up with them, Polabur for ages. 

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She’s one of my favourite Amsterdam Instagrammers and these beautiful custom made deserts first began creeping into her feed back then. She had no shop originally, just a new idea starting out that she promoted on Instagram. You had to place individual orders via the Instagram account, pay cash in hand, and they’d deliver them to you anywhere in Amsterdam only. 

When I was over there for a long weekend with one of my uni girls last February, I ordered a box of 9 to be delivered to our hotel. I still remember how amazed I was by the taste of them, never mind how beautiful they are to look at. Each giant juicy strawberry was decorated by hand, and utterly delicious. We made them last the whole weekend. 

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Fast forward 18 months, and Polaberry has grown to a point where they have a much bigger range of products on offer, and their own premises along one of Amsterdam’s most famous canals, Prinsengracht. 

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I was in Amsterdam for work this week, and had totally forgot about Polaberry, until I was faced with the shop as we were wandering through the city before dinner. The girls I was with probably thought I was crazy but I basically herded them in to the tiny shop on the promise of great tasting treats coming their way. 

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They were all very taken with how beautiful the shop is straight away, it’s done out perfectly on brand. They’ve made every wall, corner and little display a photo opportunity, for the full range of treats they now offer. Cute, but very smart. They know people will take photos of them, so they’ve given them somewhere to start. 

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It’s like their Instagram feed has come to life, and coupled with the prestigious Prinsengracht location you’re also a few steps from the Amsterdam photo cliche by the canal. I’m not ashamed to say I was fully amongst it. 

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Let’s face it these days an Instagram opportunity gets people interested, but off the back of how good they were last year I can promise the taste and quality rivals the aesthetics. 

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The products have expanded from chocolate strawberries to include much more. Raspberries, figs, Amsterdam themed chocolate bars and mermaid or unicorn cake pops to name a few on display in the cabinet. You can select individuals, or make up your own box of varying sizes and prices. They also do custom made bigger creations – strawberry bouquets, platters and boxes. 

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I’d definitely class them as premium deserts, the fruit is fresh and I’ve never known strawberries so big, the chocolate is Belgian and melts in your mouth without being too sickly, and they’re presentation is faultless. Take a look at the Polaberry Instagram here it’s amazing. 

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The shop is open from 11am-7pm, and if you’re visiting Amsterdam it’s well worth a visit. 

I paid around 24 euros for the box last year including delivery to the hotel, and 11 euros this week for a box of 4 strawberries and a unicorn cake pop. 

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Polaberry, the best desert in Amsterdam PIN IT
Polaberry, the best desert in Amsterdam

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