1 Year Blog Feedback

When I wrote about Fenwick’s window earlier this week I realised that it’s been about a year since I started blogging properly. I don’t know the exact date because I’d dabbled for a while beforehand but not really taken it seriously.

Over the past year I’ve done some amazing things thanks to this blog, met some fabulous new people, learned so much about running a blog, photography, social media, marketing, accounting (who knew that would be a thing?!), but at the end of the day I still really just enjoy doing it which is the main thing.

The number of people who now follow along and read what I have to share on a monthly basis still shocks me, so I’d really like to get your opinion and feedback on what I’ve been doing.

Even though I have the opinion that this is my corner of the internet, and I will continue to share things that interest me and that I enjoy, I do obviously really value everyone’s opinion. If you don’t mind and have the time, I’d really appreciate if you could fill in this short form to help me out:


1 Year Blog Feedback


Thank you!

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