10 Festive Photos of New York

Happy 1st December! The bright lights and buzzing atmosphere that fills the air in NYC at the best of times was on a whole new level with the addition of Christmas lights and displays for the festive season. Buses flashed ‘Happy Holidays’ as they drove past, twinkling lights filled the trees, and with Thanksgiving weekend drawing to a close the vibes were definitely turning Christmassy. To kick off the festivities, here’s ten festive photos of New York that I captured during my visit last week.

Rockefeller Tree

Sadly I’ve yet to see the Rockefeller Tree fully lit up, but it was there in place ready for the big switch on a couple of nights ago. Sitting at the foot of the Rockefeller, and overlooking the winter ice rink below it, the tree has pride of place. One day I’ll see it fully lit!


Festive photos of New York


Rockefeller Garden

I love the Rockefeller Garden, looking the opposite way than towards the tree the gardens are full of white angels blowing trumpets, gold and silver bauble displays overflow from the flower beds, and there’s a great view at the far end of Saks.


Festive photos of New York


Saks 5th Avenue

The Saks store is fully decorated, and the windows this year are a celebration of 80 years of Snow White. I caught them early one morning mid week which was a LOT quieter than at the weekend.


Festive photos of New York

Festive photos of New York


5th Avenue

As always 5th Avenue itself has countless window displays trussed up for the festive season.


Festive photos of New York


The Ritz NY

Simple and classy as ever, the entrance to The Ritz on West 59th Street just by Central Park. All the horse and carriages were fully decorated too as they trot past.


Festive photos of New York


Radio City

You can’t miss Radio City Music Hall, it’s brightly lit at the best of times, but with this giant red Christmas tree over the entrance it’s even easier to spot.


Festive photos of New York


Giant Red Baubles

Directly across the road from Radio City are the giant red baubles sat glistening on the fountain. Reflecting both the water and the nearby twinkly tree lights these huge decorations are one of my favourite’s in Midtown NYC.


Festive photos of New York


Grand Central Terminal

Another simple yet traditional display, Grand Central terminal is adorned with a giant wreath.


Festive photos of New York


The NYC Public Library

This was the prettiest tree I’ve seen to date, standing proud in the NYC Public Library. If establishments choose to display a Christmas Tree in America, they’re also obliged to display the Jewish Menorah candle too, which was stood next to it.


Festive photos of New York


Street Lights

Street lights, trees and displays were pretty much everywhere you turned. Even among the delivery trucks, the blaring horns and the smoke. It really is a place to fully immerse yourself in Christmas spirit.



Where are some of the best festive lights you’ve seen?


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10 Christmas Photo Spots in New York

10 Christmas Photo Spots in New York

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