Where To Find Autumn Colours In Amsterdam

Everywhere. Is the short answer. But if you’re specifically looking for them after seeing Instagram feeds filled with them, then I’ve got a few in mind you will ‘fall’ head over heels for. Sorry – I hate it when British people say fall when it’s clearly autumn, but there’s not as many puns for that. I had an evening to myself in Amsterdam on Monday and have been sharing some very Autumnal photos on my own Instagram, so I’ve pulled together this list of specifics for where to find some of the prettiest Autumn colours in Amsterdam.

Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam


The most famous museum and one of the most impressive to look at, it takes on a different appearance for every season. The IAmsterdam sign is no longer there due to overtourism, but there were still plenty of people about even on a Monday evening with no sign to pose by. The tulips of spring and the fountains of summer in the adjacent gardens have been replaced with golden leaves, and spider sculptures for Halloween.

The giant water feature that stretches onto Museumplein hasn’t yet been turned into an ice rink, and instead is filled with the bright yellow and orange leaves, turning it into the most beautiful water feature simply through nature. There’s no novelty fountain or sculpture, but to be honest it really doesn’t need it. Beautiful in it’s own right, and nowhere near as BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIINGGGGG as Vilanelle shouted in the middle of the museum.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam


The giant open space behind Rijksmuseum is known as Museumplein, and no surprises this is due to the number of museums that surround it. As well as Rijksmuseum there’s the Van Gogh and the Moco Museum, all of which are surrounded by gardens adorning bright seasonal colours.

To the right of the Rijksmuseum there’s a tree lined footpath that goes along the edge of the grassy space, and here are the most beautiful of all trees, and picnic benches to sit and enjoy the view.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam


This short stretch of canal runs up from Prinsengracht directly to the Rijksmuseum, and in itself is one of the most beautiful streets in Amsterdam. It’s old fashioned facades with the little canal make it so pretty, and the hanging baskets, shop displays, and trees that line the whole way up all have a distinctly Autumn feel to them. Look out for the pumpkin shop displays and art galleries selling scenic paintings for this time of year.

I have a full post dedicated to this museum quarter in Amsterdam if you want to read up on more information. It’s the most gorgeous part of the city.

Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam


My favourite canal of the three famous ones that make up the canal belt that surrounds central Amsterdam, as it really is the prettiest of them all. I walked pretty much the full length of it, and there were gorgeous Autumn scenes the full way along.

Stop by Polaberry, the chocolate covered strawberry and cake pop shop that’s located here, and pick up one of their Halloween or Autumn themed treats.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam

The cross section of Prinsengracht and Lauriegracht

Here there is a small bridge over the canal which is smaller than most and is a perfect photo opportunity looking straight up the canal rather than the usual side on view. As it’s smaller the red and orange trees fold over a lot closer to each other, almost touching.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam


This canal and street is really near Amsterdam Centraal and the cross section is with the Singel. It will take you into the Jordaan district, which is the trendy neighbourhood filled with vinyl stores, quirky cafes and trendy boutiques. It’s also one of the most stunning streets if you’re wanting those traditional Dutch houses and canal scenes.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam

There’s the occasional house boat covered in leaves, and with their own rooftop Autumn decorations. I could wander this neighbourhood for hours, and if leaf covered pavements are what you’re looking for here’s where you’ll find them.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam

Corner of Raamgracht and Kloveniersburgwal

I had given up on my walk through Amsterdam as it was beginning to get dark so I was heading back to the hotel when I came across this gem. The red leaves climbing up the black building are stunning, and I took about 50 photos of it before deciding on this one as my favourite.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam

Haven van Texel

This little bar with outdoor terrace has a view you simply can’t miss, on the curve of the canal on street Oudezijds Voorburgwal. The little wooden tables are under the giant trees, the whole corner is lit up with orange lights, and as it gets dark the glow of lights from inside the canal houses reflects over the water. It looks really peaceful, and when I shared this photo on Instagram a few people commented how calm and quiet it looks.

It actually really isn’t! It’s a great busy little spot with a good atmosphere, but on the edge of the Red Light District, it’s far from quiet and peaceful.

Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam

For more of my Autumn instagram snaps you can find me here.

Autumn colours in Amsterdam

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Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam
Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam
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