Blogmas: Happy Christmas Eve!

I don’t know if Happy Christmas Eve are the right words to use, as I know so many people really aren’t happy with how their Christmas has turned out to be. But despite the Christmas spirit feeling a bit further away than normal this year, I’m determined to try and enjoy the time we have with family tomorrow.

This is my final blogmas post, having shared one a day every day in the run up to Christmas, including gift guides, posts on the North East, winter travel guides, a long winded ramble on hygge and even touching a bit on well-being. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

The twenty four posts and accompanying Instagram content have really given me a chance to branch out and try some new things so I really do hope you’ve liked reading them every day or even just the ones you’ve chosen to read. 2020 has been a year for change and doing things differently if nothing else.

I’ve loved doing it but it was a lot harder work than I expected due to the short timelines so I have no idea how people do it in normal years when there’s Christmas parties, spontaneous drinks and such like going on too. I can’t promise it will be back next year although I’d love to try.

Like so many other occasions this year my blog has been a very welcome distraction lately, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for reading, following and all the interaction on Instagram – likes, comments, dm conversations and all the rest of it. 

And a big thank you to the brands both new and old that I’ve worked with this year too, there’s been more than I thought there would be considering the circumstances and I’ve loved the collaborations I’ve done. It’s all been my lifeline to stop me going insane this year.

I’ll be having a couple of days off for Christmas and Boxing Day, but I’m extending blogmas slightly to the end of December as I have a few more posts planned from the 27th to New Year’s Eve. I planned too many and don’t want them going to waste. I also think the time between Christmas and new year is good to try and look forwards, although God knows what else we will get thrown our way before we see the back of 2020.

My Christmas tomorrow will be with our two other households – my family and kierans and I can’t wait for a bit of normality for a day. I’m so excited for Arthur’s first Christmas with us, I’ve obviously gone totally ott with presents for him and nobody else, but I can’t believe it’s almost a year since we got him. 

He’s something else that has really kept me going this year, my little shadow.

This year has impacted everyone hugely, so much loss and sacrifice so I’ll definitely be thinking about all the front line key workers who have given so much, as they do every year actually with missed family moments, working Christmas and other occasions. 

Thank you for everything you do to keep us safe and well. I couldn’t be prouder of my relatives and friends who work for the NHS. 

However you’re spending your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I hope you enjoy it, some time off from the mess that is this year. 

This one’s for my Nana Jessie, who I’ll be raising a toast to on Christmas Day 🥂

Merry Christmas! xxx

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