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The Kate Spade sale

Sales are rearing their ugly heads in shops all over the place and honestly they do my head in. Whoooo can be arsed to root around messy rails that never have your size?! I do however enjoy an online sale, especially the brands where you actually get a bargain. As soon as I got paid last week I snapped up this DREAMBOAT Kate Spade bag, reduced from nearly £300 to £180 at the time. It’s even cheaper now. I’ve got my eye on a couple of others too, let’s hope I win at the races!


Kate Spade


Short working weeks

I’ve had two very short weeks at work, with days off for birthdays and a trip to the Lake District. I could very much get used to hot tub sessions at 9am on a Monday morning.


Keswick Reach


Alan Shearer liking my tweet

I genuinely miss the football season. I love a Super Sunday and Monday night football especially, and other than the tennis and horse racing, summer sports like golf and cricket are just bloody boring. I do however enjoy the twitter chats that keep running, and when Soccer AM tweet for people to share their favourite football photo, I shared Alan Shearer celebrating his last goal for Newcastle. The toon legend himself liked it. I’m done. (No photo because I’ve already screenshot it and sent it to anyone I think will care haha).


Ice cream

I had a reeeeeally amazing blackcurrant ice cream with chocolate cone from by the lake in Keswick the other day, and I also massively enjoyed the three scoops I devoured at Caffe Vivo last weekend. I learned that ‘straciatella’ is vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings in it.


Cafe Vivo


This is good to know before I go to Florence, and I can only imagine how good the Italian gelato will be. I’m also partial to a ’99 on a Sunday evening when the ice cream van comes round, and you can’t beat a Di Meo’s from Whitley Bay seafront. Starting to realise where my lovely new set of bingo wings have come from…


Di Meo's


Northern Bloggers commitment and support

Ive been shortlisted for a Northern Blog Award this year, and when the top 5 shortlist was announced on Monday night, I had notifications from SO MANY North East bloggers. I honestly can’t believe how many of them took the time to say well done or retweet the announcement and it’s massively appreciated. I was knee deep in gin and tonics at the time so was extra emosh. I was just as pleased for Dannielle Lily who was shortlisted in a different category last night, and I’m hoping to see some more familiar faces from Newcastle announced this week.


Millennium bridge


The Quayside

I hadn’t been to the quayside in ages, but this past week I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been along there. We stayed at the Malmaison for Kierans birthday, so went for food and drinks nearby, and had a wander in the sun to the Quayside Seaside which has returned again for the summer.


Quayside seaside


We went to Las Iguanas later in the week, and enjoyed 2 for 1 cocktails and the outside tables. It was much nicer than the one on Grey Street! I also went to the Broad Chare, one of my favourite pubs in Newcastle, and Cafe Vivo for lunch afterwards. The Quayside is looking pretty good these days!


Newcastle Quayside


Love Island

Who isn’t currently loving Love Island? Firmly rooted in camp Camilla, Montana and Marcel. Also a fan of Kem. Who are you loving? Hope it’s not one of the snakes Amber or Tyla!


I’m not going to lie, the main reason I wrote this post was because I wanted to share my amazing new Kate Spade bag and it kind of went from there. I’m not a fashion blogger and have no intentions of branching off into that area, but sometimes it’s nice to read something other than the usual isn’t it? Tell me if you hate it though and I’ll not share what I’m ‘currently loving’ in future!


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